Best space heaters
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Best space heaters
With all the heaters out there in the market today, finding the one that is perfect for those chilly days in the home or  
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There you have it. Does the job it is needed for and could be a source of white noise for students who need to study. You can read more reviews about this product by clicking on Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heater with Adjustable Thermostat to learn more.
office could be a huge task. But, from our research on the web, we have identified the Lasko 754200 ceramic heater as one of the best space heaters today. It is portable with a simple and convenient carrying handle. It can be placed almost anywhere without space being an issue and it delivers consistent heat without getting in the way. Best of all it carries a 3 year warranty which is unheard of for space heaters.
As the weather gradually gets colder as winter approaches, getting a dependable heater becomes a priority. Below are some reviews from people that have actually used and own this unit and below is what they have to say
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nothing not to like
By Jaw

I got one of these last year because i wanted a strong heater in a small package, small footprint, to use in my bathroom, because the built in heater stopped working. It's perfect for heating a small room like that. Then i got another one for my bedroom, it's quiet, strong, and small, it fit into a small space near the bed. Then, i got a third one for the living room. The living room is a large room, and i use the heater like a small fire place, it really pumps out the heat.

It's not going to heat the whole living room, but sitting next to it feels like sitting next to a small fire for warmth, very pleasant, not too hot when close to it, just a nice strong warmth. In the living room, the central heating doesn't do that well heating the lower part of the room on a cold night, the heat rises and it can be set on a high temperature and still be cold where we sit, so we use these heaters to warm up our space, nice source of heat, very portable, lightweight, sturdy. No complaints, it's perfect for what i use it for.

Very warm!!!
By Annie

I live in an older house with a couple roommates, and we all decided to keep the central heating off to save energy (we are almost never home at the same time). So I decided to get a small space heater to keep my room warm. I was really surprised at how this little thing warms up my room to almost too hot. Over night I keep it at a pretty low setting and I still wake up warm. I read a couple reviews on it before getting it, and there were comments about the noise. It's a low blowing sound you hear in the background. It's pretty good white noise if you're studying or reading, and I've never been bothered by it.

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Best space heaters