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Netbook computers have become very popular and are used by regular folks from all works of life. They are small portable computers designed for wireless connection to the internet, sending emails, web browsing and communication. They can do the same things conventional laptop computers and desktop computers can do, and they have the extra advantage of being portable. Netbook computer brands include Sony,Acer, HP, Asus, Samsung, to name a few.
NetBook Computers
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Acer Aspire One
This is the best for deal hunters.Acer continues to be innovative and is always researching and redefining what a lower priced but excellent netbook should be. It has a massive hard drive, a very fast processor and runs on windows xp.

Sony VAIO P530N/Q Notebook PC:
Very good for business. Lets you extend your fashion to the realm of high tech.
So slight and slim, you might not even know it’s there. About as thin as most cell phones, the 1.5lb (with standard battery) VAIO® Lifestyle PC is a cinch to tote. 4. We all know that Sony products are excellent. The Sony Vaio P530N/Q Notebook PC is sexy. Very good for business.  Runs on Vista Business. Ladies love it. Good looks, easily fits into their purse. A bit pricey will set you back more than $1000.  The hard drive is 60GB.

Samsung NC10-14GB Netbook.
This netbook is the best for road warriors
It has a battery life of about seven hours. Has a clear and bright screen and comes with an excellent keyboard. Great performance and is available in other colors too.

HP mini 2140
This netbook is the best for business
Plays video better than most netbooks. Ideal for general purpose business applications or instructional use. It is big on usability, durability, and sleekness.

Asus Eee PC 1002HA Netbook
Be the envy of both your colleagues and clients with the new Asus Eee PC. A netbook solidly built for business. It comes with an exclusive energy-saving Super Hybrid engine that provides it a long 5-hour battery life. This will see you through lengthy meetings and presentations. It boosts of a large keyboard that would allow you to work for hours in absolute comfort. It is also equipped with a clear 10” display. Its storage capability is just amazing. It has a built in 160GB Hard drive- along with additional 10GB of online Eee storage.
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