credit card processing online

Credit Card Processing Online
Credit Card Processing Online
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Consumers are getting more and more comfortable to purchasing products and services online. Online shopping is safe, fast and efficient. Every year the amount of money spent online in both the purchasing of goods and services and in advertising products surpasses that of the previous year.

Selling online is a viable business strategy and therefore it is very necessary that every business should have a web presence. If your business sells products or services and you still no web presence, then it is very urgent that you go ahead and get a website. To sell on a website you need a way to process payments for your products.

Credit cards have become a standard means of payment on the web and for you to be able to accept and process credit cards for payment from your customers; you need to open an internet merchant account.

You can do this through the services of a credit card processing firm. Your business will sign up for a merchant account with them and they will provide you the tools you need to be able to accept and process credit cards depending on the nature of your business. For online business the credit card processor will provide you a virtual terminal and this will be your gateway to processing credit card sales, debit card sales and maybe even eChecks on your website.

A virtual terminal involves the use of a shopping cart. Customers on your site after making their selections put the products on the shopping cart and then click checkout; the virtual credit card processor will provide them with a total and ask them to pay usually through a credit card. They are asked to complete a form which will include their name and credit card number, shipping and billing addresses. Once they are done they hit submit and within seconds their credit card is verified and their payment is processed and the transaction is completed. The cost of the product is deposited in the business merchant’s account and the customers account is credited.

Once you have decided to take the plunge and put your business online, do a research and find out the best credit card processing firm that will be good for your business. Call their customer service number and ask them a few questions to get a feel of what they are made of. Did the answer your call after a few rings? Where they professional in their dealings with you? Did they answer your questions or refer you to someone that did? Take all this in because when you become their customer they will not treat you any differently.

Pay close attention to the transaction fees they charge. These fees are not transferable to the customer and therefore you as a business will have to pay them. Make sure you can handle the fees otherwise they can cut into your profits.
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Credit Card Processing online