10 Secret ways to get the boss's approval

10 Secret Ways To Get The Boss's Approval 4 Regular Folks
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10 Secret ways to get the boss's approval
by 4RegularFolks Writer

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In most offices there are basically three groups of employees, the group that work hard and is rarely noticed, the group that does not work hard and is not appreciated and the group that work hard and is appreciated.

Employees that belong to the last group are noticed and seem to always be at the forefront of all activities. Truth be told that career success is more than working hard, being qualified for the position, being diligent and meeting crazy deadlines. To be truly successful and maintain your job, you need your boss’s approval. Sad but true.

In order to be remembered and noticed by the boss, to get the boss’s approval you will need to:

Say no to gossip

Gossip is the one thing that can make life in an office setting very uncomfortable. Keep your ears on the ground. Know what is going on in the office, but refrain from discussing it or spreading rumors no matter how tempting it might be.

Have a ready smile

Be friendly and peasant, have nice things to say about everybody. Don’t be judgemental and jump into conclusions. Always give people the benefit of the doubt. Ooze good manners and always have a ready smile.

Do a good job

Be efficient in your work and always have facts and figures on your finger tips, especially when you are addressing your boss. Always go into a meeting prepared. I know you cannot have all the answers, but make sure you have the one’s you are supposed to have. Ask intelligent questions at meetings and always try to be proactive.

Take  advantage of in house training programs

The world is moving at a tremendous pace. Business tools are changing every other day and old processes are exchanged for new once at a very fast pace. Update your skills and knowledge constantly to keep abreast with technical innovations as well as global trends. Make all efforts to be ahead of new developments in your field.

Always be a leader

Accept that task nobody wants. In these days of lay offs, pick up the extra load left by a dismissed colleague. Be a team player. When a team member is overwhelmed by his or her own responsibilities, jump in and help. Be the go to person people think off when they need a dependable and hard working person.

Talk less and listen more

Practice the art of listening. Go the extra mile in knowing what your responsibilities are. Analyze all details you come across and absorb knowledge like a sponge. Do not limit yourself to just your department. Be a master of your own department and know more than a little about other departments you deal with frequently.

Obey the rules

Always abide by the rules and regulations of the institution you work for. Be disciplined and cordial in your dealings with your colleagues.

Be organized and methodical

Always be organized and methodical in your work. As you are done with a project, leave it in such a way that somebody else can easily pick up where you left off. File documents in the right place and always keep your work area uncluttered. Make sure that your data is always backed up so that in no circumstance is your work lost. Have a plan B in place.

Dress the part

Dress appropriately for your job. Be stylish, poised and approachable.  Use breath mints, keep a clean change of clothing at hand, you never know when you might need them. Maintain excellent personal habits, they are always appreciated.

Always be in control

Never appear stressed. Always be in control of your emotions and try to prevent out bursts or meltdowns. Keep your personal life and work separate. Never date the boss or a colleague. It sometimes happens but is not the best of ideas. Dress well and stand tall.

In today’s rat race, everybody seems to have the same academic qualifications. You have to differentiate yourself from the pack to get ahead. Do an excellent job. Impress your boss and colleagues and success will always follow. Office politics can be very ugly. Keep the above points in mind and apply them to the best of your ability and you will have a long and rewarding career.
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