Where can I buy a chalkboard
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Where can I buy a chalkboard
Now and then a chalkboard comes in handy, but where can I buy a chalkboard when the need is kind of urgent?
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The chalkboard has missed reviews and what I think is you have to follow the instructions to the latter. The board it seems needs to be primed with chalk to be able to perform optimally. To read more reviews and learn more about this product, click here
Chalkboards are very useful even in this age of computers and technology. Restaurants and Deli's can use it to show case their daily specials, pre schools can use it for illustrations or teach kids and some offices use it as a day to day planner to keep focused on what needs to be done for the day.

At homes, parents with young kids give it to their kids as an alternative place to write on instead of the walls. The useses are just many, below are reviews from people that own the Dudes Ckalk board considered one of the best.
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Excellent chalkboard
By Jeffrey562

I will agree with some of the negative reviews here in part, it was difficult writing on the chalkboard at first. But this was due to my ignorance and was informed through a reviewer online that the chalkboard should work fine once it was primed (you take a piece of chalk and rub the side of it all over the surface of the board, then wipe and you're done!). Once I had properly primed the chalkboard, the board wrote just fine. In fact, using Prang chalk or Crayola anti-dust chalk felt even smoother than writing on a real chalkboard and erased much cleaner.

Buyers should be aware that the surface is not slate but melamine, a softer plastic-type surface. The board is lightweight and thin. As a result, the board is a bit flimsy when you push it in with your fingers. However, the board does not budge at all when it is being written on with chalk.

can't believe the bad reviews
By K.M.

I bought 2 of these to hang over my son's little table & chairs set. I can't believe so many people gave it a bad review! We LOVE these. As with all chalkboards, you have to condition it before using. To condition all you do is rub a piece of chalk all over the board and then wipe off with an eraser. It creates a nice chalky layer.... we've never had any problems writing or drawing on our boards with regular old chalk. I even use sidewalk chalk to write on ours. Very pleased with this product!

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Where can I buy a chalkboard
Where can I buy a chalkboard