How to open a bottle of wine
How to open a bottle of wine
by 4RegularFolks Editor
How to open a bottle of wine
When opening a bottle of wine, it needs to be safe and easy. We have found the tool for that, and that is the
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Well as you can see, the verdict is out; The Metrokane rabbit does rock and seems to make a good gift set. To learn more about the rabbit or buy this wine opener, click here now
Metrokane Rabbit wine opener.
As you can see in the video it takes less than 3 seconds to have your bottle open without trying to break or cutting your finger.
It is ruggedly constructed; made of reinforced nylon and polycarbonates. As an added bonus, it has a foil cutter that lets you remove the foil that wine makers use to protect the bottle cork. You do not have to make a special trip back to the kitchen for a knife to remove the foil and risk cutting yourself.
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Once you open your bottle, you do not have to finish it in one sitting, this wine opener kit comes with a bottle sealer to cover your bottle; a wax remover and also an extra worm to make sure you continue to use the rabbit for a long time.
As a show of good faith, Metrokane has also included a 10 year warranty on the product. What are wine lovers that already own and use the rabbit daily saying about it?

A veritable feat of engineering!,
By Eimear Coffey

I bought the Metrokane Rabbit as a Christmas gift for my parents and it has since become the most indispensible item in our kitchen. We drink wine every night in our house, and have been through many a corkscrew, but absolutely nothing compares to this. The Rabbit makes short work of opening a bottle of wine for even the puniest-armed of us, and indeed, has caused one or two scuffles at dinner over who gets to open the next bottle of wine! Three swift, smooth movements will open even the most stubborn bottle, and with none of the grunting, puffing and red-faced struggling that often accompanies this manouvre. There is a particular brand of white wine I drink that is next to impossible to open if you have left the bottle to chill with the cork in it, and I actually broke 3 "traditional" corkscrews trying to open one single bottle of this. Well, in the highest praise I can summon for the Rabbit, I have not had a problem with one of these bottles since I bought it. If you are a wine-drinker, or even just a lover of gadgets, buy this - now!

Great Winer Opener
By  B. Lee

The Metrokane Rabbit Winer Opener is great. It makes opening wine bottles a breeze. Doesn't take much effort to do it and you can impress your guests. Have been using it for several years and have not had any problems. Highly recommend.

A great gift
By Ami

The Rabbit wine opener works just as advertised, although it takes a little more muscle than I originally thought. And what a great conversation piece! The foil cutter makes opening a bottle that much easier. The drip guard, to my surprise, doesn't fall off the bottle into your glass when you pour out the last little bit, as long as you push it all the way down the neck as far as it can go. I haven't had occasion to use the wax remover. The only piece in this kit I don't really understand is the sealer, it hasn't fit on any bottle I've tried yet. But then, I haven't tried it on a bottle of champagne yet, so maybe it will fit for that. The kit comes in an attractive case that stands up, which makes it a great gift.
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How to open a bottle of wine
How to open a bottle of wine