How to taste wine
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Wine tasting has grown into a big industry and has become an added attraction to most vineyards and wineries all over the world. Wine tasting tours, vacation packages and excursions are organized for wine enthusiast to visit many parts of the wine growing world for wine tasting events.

Steps in wine tasting

The art of wine tasting has evolved over the centuries and presently can now be summarized in four simple steps.

See - Look at the wine over a white background to evaluate the color.

Sniff - This is done to appreciate the aroma of the wine and the type of fruit it was made from; and possibly it other additives were added it. However, before you smell the wine, you will have to swirl it to release the aroma.

Sip - this gives you the opportunity to assess the flavor of the wine. If it’s acidic or just right

Summarize - here you bring together all the information from your fact finding mission and decide on whether you consider the wine a true gem.

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