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Wine clubs, wine subscription or wine memberships is a concept were an individual subscribes to an organization, in this case a wine club to get a steady  supply  of wine, monthly or as specified by the club, and enjoy some other benefits the club provides, all for a fee. The idea is, as a member of this club you get those benefits which would otherwise be expensive if you were to get them as a non member.

The business model of a wine club is simple, the more people a club signs up, the better leverage it has to purchase premium wine from wineries and vineyards at wholesale price, thereby saving a lot of money. This savings, it now passes on to its members as reduced prices in products and services.  It is a situation that works for both parties. The wine club members get a steady supply of wine of the month or club wine, excellent wine education plus other benefits, while the wine club generates enough funds to keep on catering to its club members, taking care of operating costs and making some profit.

Apart from saving money by being a member of a wine club, there are other overlooked benefits which I will touch on here.

Benefits of wine club subscriptions

Wine information -Buying wine, especially for a beginner could be a daunting task. Think of this scenario, you go into a wine shop to buy yourself and your better half a good bottle of wine to enjoy for the evening. You look around the shop, there are wine bottles every where, and your head is spinning because you just do not know where to start. There are red wines, white wines; Bordeaux wine, dessert wine, Riesling wine, pinot grigio, pinot noir etc, the wine list is just endless.

However, as a member of a wine club you have at your beck and call, wine experts who an advise you and guide you on the best type of wine that would meet your needs. Also as a member of a wine club you have the opportunity to try different types of wine until you find the one that agrees with your palate. Once you have found the types of wine you like, you can then take advantage of your wine club membership and order wine cases. Not only will you have a stock of wine, you can then start building your wine collection displaying the wine on your wine rack and watch your collection grow.

Buying wine online - Purchasing wine online is another overlooked benefit of having access to club membership wine. This time around you do not have to go to a wine shop to purchase your wine. The wine club sends you a wine list which you peruse at your convenience and then place your order either online, by phone or by mail. This time around you are not under pressure to make a wine purchase, you take your time and choose the wine you want and make your purchases using your computer stress free. If you have any difficulties, help is just an email or text message away.

Free Wine shipping -As a member of a wine club you are entitled to a monthly supply of wine of your choice delivered to your door. Most clubs send this wine under different names; It could be called monthly wine, wine of the month or membership wine. The good thing is that most of the time, the wine is shipped for free or the wine club will be running one promotion or the other going.

Wine tasting events - Wine club membership gives you access to wine tasting events that you otherwise wouldn’t have known about or you simply just couldn’t get yourself invited. As a club member you get a first class ticket to wine tasting and other wine events that are taking place. You are among the first to be notified about the event and in most cases will have a seat reservation. It gives you the opportunity to interact with other members and catch up on events.

Premium wine - As a member of a wine club you get very good wine at affordable rates.  Even though the membership prices for all different wine clubs differ, you still get more bang for your money than when you purchase wine or use other services as a non member.  From my experience, there are no cheap wine clubs, most wine clubs buy premium wine which it offers to its members at a huge discount.

Wine warehouse - Wine storage facilities is another benefit wine clubs extend to their members. When you buy wine cases and do not have a wine cellar or other big storage facility in your home to store them, your wine club could easily store your wine for you, and when you need them deliver them to you in most cases free of charge or for a little fee. Always ask your club about such facilities.

Wine Accessory - Every wine enthusiast has an array of wine tools which are necessary to enjoy your wine. From wine openers, stoppers, to racks and wine glasses, most wine clubs provide its members an array of state of the art and up to date tools to make their wine hobby an enjoyable experience.

The benefits and savings you get from joining a wine club or having wine subscription, far out weighs the cost. As a wine club member it also gives you access to excellent wine gift baskets and; giving a wine club membership as a gift is a no brainer. 

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