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Rabbit Corkscrew  The wine opener for serious wine lovers

Step -by - step guide

  • Unwrap the foil from the top of the wine bottle to expose the wine cork

  • Place the rabbit over the top of the wine bottle

  • Make sure that the “worm” is in direct contact with the wine cork

  • The handle should grip around the neck of the bottle

  • Grip the handles tightly with your left hand (or right depending on which you prefer)

  • With your right hand, grab the rabbits lever

  • While still griping the handles tightly, pull up or raise the lever over the top of the wine bottle towards your left hand(still griping the handle)

  • Make sure that the “worm” is embedded in the cork and the lever will not come down any further.

  • Pull up on the lever and the wine cork will pop out.

Removing the wine cork from the rabbit

  • You repeat the same motion above

  • While griping the handle tightly, raise the lever up over the top of the wine bottle towards the handle until you hear a snap.

  • At this point simply pull the lever back up and the cork just falls off.

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