How to cover up acne
How to cover up acne
by 4RegularFolks Contributor
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To pop or not to pop
Acne may look horrible when you have a breakout, but popping your blemishes can often lead to scarring or more  breakouts.

Instead of taking the risk, be patient and use acne cream like those containing 2% salicylic acid to rid  yourself of your eruption. Remember patience is a virtue, especially with your skin
4 Regular Folks
Acne could be an unsightly and embarrassing skin condition for some people, and they aren't quite sure how to get  rid of it. If you are struggling with acne, read the tips in this article to develop clear, beautiful skin that you  will love to show off. Take care of your skin and it will show!

Through trial and error, figure out which makeup works best for you if you have sensitive skin that reacts to  whatever you put on your face. Trying to combat wrinkles and acne at the same time could be quite a balancing act,  but it is a reality for many adults.

Play with different ways to wear makeup, take pictures of yourself after  application in several different lights. What looks good in the privacy of your home may not look good under lights  at work. Keep this in mind when trying to cover acne with makeup. Watch how to cover acne with makeup for your cosmetic guide.
Never underestimate Sunscreen
Wearing sunscreen is very important for your skin and general health, but many sunscreens can be oily and can make  acne worse.

Make sure you purchase a sunscreen that is non-comedogenic and does not contain oil. This type of  sunscreen will not clog your pores and cause more acne to form.
Avoid irritants
If you have acne or pimples underneath on or near your armpits, you may want to avoid scented deodorants. These  kinds of deodorants prevent acne healing under the armpits and can actually cause the acne to spread. Try to find a  deodorant that is lightly scented or not scented at all.
Sensitive skin
If you have acne, be careful not to use products that will further irritate the skin. Use products thats are mild  and won't irritate the face.Daily cleansing is very important for healthy skin, but over-scrubbing irritates  breakouts and does more harm than help. Cleansers can leave residues that may act as irritants as well. Lightly  rubbing a gentle cleanser into your skin and rinsing well with water is the best way to fight off outbreaks.

Many adults suffer from this skin  condition and haven't been able to eradicate it. Drinking plenty of water and eating healthy can help, among other  things. Remember the tips in this article to get clear skin!
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How to cover up acne
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