Dukan diet

Dukan diet
Dukan Diet
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Obesity is gradually becoming an epidemic and a lot of health conscious individuals are looking for ways to reduce their weight and live a healthy life. More than 30 years ago a physician in France, attacked this concern head on. He came up with a diet plan, now known as the Dukan diet, appropriately named after the inventor Dr. Pierre Dukan.

Dukan diet is an innovative way of shedding pounds by consuming small portions of food with low calorie content. He broke down this diet plan into 4 stages, so that after the individual loses the weight, there is a plan to maintain the ideal weight and a plan to keep it off for good.

The concept was well received. A lot of people will drive themselves to lose weight, and are helpless when they regain the lost weight and gain some more. By reading this article you will discover the different phases of the Dukan diet, and how to apply them to your own situation for a successful weight lose plan.

  • Dukan Diet Phases
  • Attack phase
  • The Cruise phase
  • The Consolidation Phase
  • The Stabilization Phase

The Attack Phase

This is the first stage of the 4 phase strategy involved in the Dukan weight lose strategy. The motive here is for the dieter to jump start his or her metabolism and lose weight rapidly. This phase when executed to the T could result in a weight loss of 4 to 6 lb in as little as 2 to 7 days. With this approach a dieter can see results in such a short time and therefore is encouraged to stick to the diet. This phase involves eating protein rich foods.

The Cruise Phase

After the attack phase comes the cruise phase. The goal here is to drop as much as 2 pounds every week. Again this involves eating some lean meat protein in addition to some vegetables. So the main dish is the lean meats, but you are allowed to add vegetables that you like and continue your weight losing streak. On the cruise phase you continue until you get to your ideal weight or target.

The Consolidation Phase

At the consolidation phase, you have reached your ideal weight or target weight. The next step now is to consolidate your gains, or stop yourself from adding any weight. You can then start to reintroduce foods like cheese, fruits and bread. However, you do not let up on the lean meat and vegetables. These you should continue to eat as much of as you want. The good thing with the consolidation phase is that once a week you are allowed a reward dish. You can eat a meal of whatever you like, so it is a meal you can look up to at the end of the week.

The Stabilization Phase

This is the phase at which you have consolidated your "gains" and all you have to do is just maintain yourself on a minimum amount of food so that you do not add weight. This is the stage that you have to be very careful about what you put in your mouth. If you normally eat 2 cookies as a snack and you somehow eat 4, then know you have to take the calories out of somewhere; maybe reduce your portion for dinner.

The success of your diet plan at this point is squarely on your shoulders. You must have the discipline not to stray and indulge. If you find yourself eating more than normal, take note and immediately draw up a plan to get rid of the extra calories that just got introduced into your body. A good way to do this is to increase your physical activities such as walking instead of driving, taking the stairs instead or riding on the elevator.

I hope from the above article, you understand the ins and outs of the Dukan diet. The success of the plan and the amount of weight you lose is dependent on you. Draw a line in the sand, stick to it to the best of your ability and you will achieve success.

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