How to Battle agitated depression symptoms UK and Europe
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To understand and beat your negative thinking, try keeping a journal or diary about the negative thoughts you have. Write down what situation or event that causes it. This will help you let it out and when you're ready, you can review and reflect, and hopefully take steps to avoid negative thinking in the future.
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4 Regular Folks
Depression is a common medical condition.  Some of the various symptoms are sadness, hopelessness, sleep issues, and over lethargy.   It can trigger suicidal thoughts and tendencies and can be very dangerous if the sufferer does not seek help.  There are many treatment options and information available for those who suffer with depression.

Depression can limit our functionality. When the symptoms of depression occur at the same time with mania, it is known as mixed or agitated depression. Agitated depression symptoms seen in the UK are similar to those seen in order parts of the world and most respond to medication from a physician. Things you can do personally to help your depressed state

Tips To Help You Battle Depression in the UK
If you are dealing with depression and are not on any other medications, discuss St. Johns Wort with your doctor. St. Johns Wort is an herbal remedy that has proven effective against depression in some clinical studies. It is mild and non-addictive, so quite safe to use. It should not be mixed with some other medications though, so talking to your doctor first is essential.
Create a social environment for yourself in which you don't have to constantly think of the negative effects of life. Call your friends together for an outing or gather family members for a social event. This helps you keep your negative and depressive attitude in check while also surrounding yourself with positive people.
If depression has entered your life, work on your personal problems to get it out. Money problems, relationship problems, work problems, and other problems can cause you to feel depressed. Getting them off your "list" might just provide the relief you are looking for. Set concrete goals and stick to them. Even just the process of taking steps to make these problems go away can prove beneficial.

Depression can affect anyone and can have devastating consequences if it is left untreated.  The good news is that depression can be treated and cured through many different techniques such as the ones listed in the article above.

  Do not hesitate to seek treatment if you think you are suffering from depression or to help a loved one seek treatment if you see symptoms of depression.
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