How to relieve stress

How to relieve stress
How to relieve stress
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Well, we always hear about stress in our everyday lives. There are different types of stress, but when an individual says he or she is under stress it is usually an internal perception from different types of external stimuli that makes them uncomfortable. When you are stressed, you have reached your limit; you can no longer take it. You are overwhelmed and your concentration to the work at hand is no longer what it should be.

You are performing below par; you start to make mistakes and there could be physical impairments such as headaches and anxiety. In short, it could result in an accumulation of experiences that comes to a head and exceeds our ability to cope and we become overwhelmed.

There are many different things that could cause stress; it could be other people’s negative effect on us, overwork, over analysis of a situation, desperation, chronic sickness and hopelessness etc. However, when you are under stress, there are certain things you can do to help you cope and kind recharge yourself and be able to proceed. These would work for everyday stressful situations and will get you over tight situations and calm you down to be able to proceed. They include:-


This is an often overlooked process. When a stressful situation is over, people heave a sigh of relief. What happens is that under stressful conditions, we actually hold our breath. This deprives our body of oxygen and actually does increase the tension in our body. It is a difficult task to remember because under stress we are thinking of the situation and not about breathing. But, if you can control your respiration by breathing slower and deeper, your brain is adequately oxygenated and is still able to process thoughts rationally. This way you can acutely manage short stressful situations and remain in control.


Laughing does keep the heart beating and oxygen flowing. Watch a comedy regularly or, in this age of smart phones download an app for a radio station with a comedy channel. This way you have a free comedy club on demand whenever you want. When you are under stress, relax by listening to something funny or watch funny videos. Have a relaxing evening with family or friends and have some fun. Even though this effect could be short, it does provide you a fresh start to approach the problem and hopefully this time you will take a different approach that will provide solutions

Exercising and Relaxing your Muscles

This is one of the most effective ways to reduce stress. A lot of people go for a walk, jog, run or engage in other physical activities as a way to relieve stress. When exercising the body releases endorphins which are natural painkiller that helps us relax. As you exercise, the muscles are contracted and are poised to increase blood flow and oxygenation, again ensuring that every organ of the body including the brain gets enough oxygen to function optimally. 


This is an often overlooked component of most people’s work out or exercise routine, but stretching goes a long way in helping the body reduce stress and prevent injuries. After a muscle has been exercised, stretching helps the muscle and the body gradually cool down. Going from very active exercise to a gradual slowing down of activity and return to a relaxed position, is a process that relieves tension.


Yoga is not for everybody, but it does help. It helps you develop mentally and physically, by teaching you skills and techniques in breathing and exercise that helps you develop your inner self, releasing useful hormones that helps the body attack stress and anxiety. There are different types of yoga practiced all over the world. Do some research and find out the type of yoga that is ideal for you.

Laughing, exercise, breathing deeply etc are some of the things you can quickly do to turn around a stressful situation and be able to handle your day to day activities. Remember, nothing lasting and worthwhile is achieved without effort. You are the key to your stress free living.

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How to relieve stress