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Zinc oxide sunscreen
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Reasons Why You Should Use Zinc Oxide Sunscreen:

We are now becoming ever increasingly aware of the damage that can be caused by exposing our skin to the potentially potentially harmful rays of the sun. In this day and age, there is no excuse. There are a multitude of sunscreens, including zinc oxide sunscreen, available on the market. These help us protect our skin from the potential damage, such as premature ageing and even worse, skin cancer.

As well as using sunscreens, it's also worthwhile taking a common sense approach and ensuring that we don't expose our skin, protected or not, for too long. We should also consider spending time in the shade, especially at those more dangerous times in the middle of the day.

Nowadays, there are a range of sunscreens available, including kinder to the skin, mineral based sunscreens. These mineral based products contain ingredients such as zinc oxide. The chemical products available are absorbed into the skin and act as a filter to the UV rays. The mineral products act as a complete barrier and sit on top of the skin.

These mineral products may be more suitable to people who have had adverse reactions or irritation from the chemical sunscreens. There has also been research into whether or not the chemical sunscreens are really as effective as what they appear, perhaps not filtering enough of the harmful rays out.

As the mineral based sunscreen sits on top of the screen and acts as the barrier, it is thought that they generally provide better protection and therefore, are potentially more effective and safer to use than chemical based products.

It may sound like these sunscreens are heavy and unsightly on the skin. However, they have now been formulated in such a way that they are just as smooth and easy to apply, as the chemical based sunscreens.

Whichever sunscreen you decide to purchase, ensure that you do your research. It is also imperative to find out which is the best sun protection factor (SPF) for your skin. We all have different skin tones that have different tolerance levels.

Research the advantages and disadvantages on the Internet or pop into your local pharmacy and ask for some advice there. Ask about chemical based sunscreens and mineral based, such as zinc oxide sunscreen. Getting the right sunscreen for your skin is so important in ensuring that you are giving yourself the best protection you can, otherwise the repercussions are possibly serious.

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Zinc oxide Sunscreen