Best leaf blower
by 4RegularFolks Editor
Best leaf blower
With the best leaf blower even a large yard could be a walk in the park. But, it does not end there the product I am
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There you have it, click here now to learn more about this extremely quite, gas powered leaf blower and what it can do for you and your yard.
talking about is a 3 in 1 product. It is a blower, organizes the leaves in the yard into piles as you desire. It is also a vacuum; sucking up the leaves already organized in piles into storage bags for disposal. It does not end there; the third function is the shredder which can reduce the leaves to mulch. This tool is so powerful that it can easily reduce 16 bags worths of leaves to one bag, saving you money on bags. It is lighter, quieter and cleaner than similar products in the market and will get your neighbors attention.
The tool is  Toro Ultra 3 in 1  and this is what other users are saying about it
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Good blower, good mulcher, good vlaue,
By Glenn J. Sullivan

I just went out and bought the new Toro Ultra 12 amp blower/vac/mulcher. It has more suction power than my old 7 amp unit. What I also did was take the straight part of the old unit and put it on the bottom of the new unit instead of the flared end. This way there is more suction in the smaller opening and any leaf that gets in the opening will easily go all the way up to the impeller. The metal impeller has two heights for the blades and every other blade has serrated edges. You can hear it ripping up the leaves as they hit the impeller. It really does reduce the size of the leaves greatly.

I was able to suck up all the large 8" to 10" maple leaves, some times they clogged at the opening but I just had to rub the bottom on the grass to get them inside and then it sucked them up.

I tried it this week with leaves that were a little wet. It picked them up easily and in fact the large maple leaves actually picked up easier because when they are wet they are softer and collapse into the tube easier.

When more leaves drop and the rains start I will try it with a larger amount of wet leaves.

This SUCKS in a good way!
By Christopher Smith

I have used several leaf vacs/blowers over the years and they always have problems with wet leaves or twigs jamming the vac. The Toro really sucks well and had no problems with wet leaves or twigs. I would highly recommend it.

Excellent!-Better than I expected!
By BlownAway

I was originally planning to buy a GAS powered leaf blower.
However, the glowing reviews that I read on this leaf blower (here and on other sites) made me reconsider-I'm glad I did!
This unit is very light, well balanced, extremely powerful and QUIET!
NOTE: This model has the METAL blower blades as opposed to plastic in many of the lower model # Toro leaf blowers (some people have reported breakage of the blades on those models due to small rocks and twigs cracking or breaking the blades). Spend the extra few dollars to get this model that has the METAL blades.
Yes, you will need to deal with the hassle of an extension cord when using this tool, however I feel that it is LESS of a hassle in the long run (no fuel, no maintenance, no excessive noise or fumes, less expensive, leaf vacuum capability). Much less of an inconvenience than I expected.
This Leaf blower is so powerful that all of my walkways, patios, and driveway are free of lawn clippings and leaves in less than 5 minutes time and I rarely need to go above half throttle.

Oh yeah, the photo on this page is WRONG. You will actually get the RED colored unit (2nd revision maybe?) and it does indeed come with the leaf bag and vacuum tubing.
IMHO this is a very well designed and engineered product - I was skeptical before I bought it, but I am very glad that I did.

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Best leaf blower