Amazon keurig
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Amazon keurig
Coffee drinking is a favorite past time for millions of people. Coffee means different thing to different people.
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There you have! The Keurig definitely will rock your world as it is already doing for a lot of people. To learn more about keurig, click on Amazon Keurig.
Some people do not wake up in the morning or are not fully awake until they have their first cup of coffee. For some it helps them get through the day, while for thers it could just be a companion; something to nurse while doing other things.

Coffee People, Donut Shop K-Cups for Keurig Brewers (Pack of 50) a bestselling coffee product and we will describe it as Amazon Keurig. It is highly recommended by coffee drinkers and below is what they have to say
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My Favorite by a Landslide so Far
By Stephen M. Guilliat "Stevelo"

I must admit that I have gone a little overboard with my k-cup sampling. So far I must have tried about 50 different blends. OVerall I must say that the vast majority of them have been pleasant, better than what I used to make in my coffee brewer. Then I tried the Donut Shop brand. When I first tried this I was not expecting much, it sounds bland, plain, everyday type of coffee. Don't get me wrong, I have had some pretty good cups of coffee in donut shops but nothing to write home about. When I took my first sip, I thought wow, this is amazing.

Smooth, not much of an acid taste, about as close to perfect as I could describe. My love for this k-cup continued and continues to this day. Many times you find a k-cup which at first is very good, but after a couple of cups you get a little sick of them; not with this one. It has been and continues to be my absolute favorite. I will still search for something better, but I doubt I will find it. I hope you like -- no strike that -- I hope you love this coffee as much as I do.

Great Coffee--competetive price
By Civ

I've had my Keurig brewer for 5 months and have tried a lot of brands and the Coffee People Donut Shop regular is among my favorites. Green Mountain Nantucket Blend and Timothy's Italian Blend are also favorites.

One reviewer remarked about Subscribe & Save costing less. It's only a dollar and a few pennies cheaper than this packaging and Subscribe and Save does not offer Donut Shop "regular" but instead has "Extra Bold". Also, this packaging gives you 50 k-cups as opposed to 48 (2) 24 count packages in Subscribe & Save.

Another reviewer complained about not having the standard boxes to dispense the coffee. I purchased a K-Cup carousel, available on Amazon for $19.95 that holds 26 k-cups; it looks nicer by my Keurig than cardboard boxes.

By Adam_the_Great

This coffee is the best one available. I use to drink Dunkin Donuts Coffee (regular drip brew), but when I switched to K-Cups I found that Dunkin Donut brand k-cups didnt live up (it actually fell way short of my expectations). I have ordered Donut Shop K cups many, many times. This is by far the best regular coffee

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Amazon keurig