B60 keurig coffee maker
by 4RegularFolks Editor
B60 keurig coffee maker
When you want to enjoy specially and well brewed coffee without going to the coffee shop, then this is the coffee
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This special edition coffee maker sounds like the real deal, but you do not have to take my word for it. Click here to read more reviews and get a first hand information of what this coffee maker can do for you.
maker to get. The B60 Keurig coffee maker is a special edition brewing system that is specially designed to produce high quality coffee from the comfort of one’s home without being a professional coffee maker.

Its 48 ounce removable water reservoir can   make up to eight cups of sweet smelling and tasting coffee before you need to refill the reservoir. Below are reviews from consumers that actually wake up to the aroma of coffee made with the B60 keurig.
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Best single-serve coffee maker out there
By  The Mad Hatter

If you're reading this review, you're most likely doing research and trying to decide between the Keurig line (B40,B50,B60), the Tassimo, or the Senseo. Out of those three, the Keurig is the best looking, the most durable, has the best heating and pumping mechanism, and has the largest variety of coffees and teas available. The Tassimo's versatility is tempting, but variety of coffees is lacking, the machine is a first-run model that does not feel as quality as the Keurig (I could barely find a piece of metal in the entire thing), and it cannot be set to warm itself up like the Keurig. The Senseo isn't bad and I may even consider getting it as a second machine, but it is kind of lame how you need two pods to brew an 8 oz cup of coffee. Considering the price of pods that I was looking at, it would outprice both the Keurig and the Tassimo for daily usage.

Between the Keurig models (B40,B50,B60), I spent a lot of time trying to decide and eventually went with the B60, mainly because the B60 is the only model that brews 3 different sizes of coffee--5.25, 7.25, and 9.25oz. The B50, a favorite amongst shoppers, does not offer the 9.25oz size. This large size allows my Oxo travel mug to almost completely fill after using one Extra Bold K-cup. As an added benefit of the B60, you get beautiful blue LEDs behind the display and the water tank, as well as a polished chrome handle and polished chrome outer-ring to the display. It looks very modern and very classy in my otherwise boring kitchen. Highly recommended.

By Michael Ledo

This thing is great. I own one, both my sisters own one, nephews and nieces own them too. I bought one for my niece at college. It makes single cups of all kinds of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, apple cider, latte, etc. The cups are available everywhere, including Walmart. I use my Bed Bath and Beyond coupons for the cups and I get some of my favorites (white hot chocolate) on E-bay. It warms up fast so I can have my morning cup. I can't drink a pot of coffee anymore. The hot apple cider is great on these cool evenings. Those flavored creamers match up with coffee flavors. Coconut is one of my favorites. Walmart carries a caramel cappuccino Keurig cup that is addicting and doesn't need any creamer.

Now if $145 is too much, I predict they will come down in price as Keurig has a new model out. I bought mine at the local flea market. It was new in a slightly damaged box (no cups) for $50.00. Someone is apparently selling pallets of damaged boxes at a discount. I strongly suggest you shop around before you buy, they do go on sale even at Kroger. Great gift for adults that you don't know what to get. Everyone drinks hot liquids.
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B60 keurig coffee maker