Best price keurig B40
by 4RegularFolks Editor
Best price keurig B40
The Keurig B40 is a coffee maker that uses the patented k-cups to brew each and every cup of excellent coffee
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There you have it! Quite an elaborate review, but you can still hear from other users to know what their experiences with the B40 Keurig is, click here to see more reviews about this excellent coffee maker.
. With this coffee maker, no messy grinding or clean up to do, yet you get the same or even better quality that what you get from your local coffee maker. The good thing is you do not have to travel one bit. This is done from the comfort of your home. It has a removable 48 ounce water reservoir with a removable drip tray.

It has 2 brew size options and an automatic shut off. What are people that own this product saying about it?
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Do your research, then use your head.
By Peace Frog "Aktur"

I read every single review for this item. And then read them again. I went to the Keurig website and researched the B40. Came back to Amazon and read the reviews one more time. If I was going to pay $100 for a coffee machine, I wanted to be sure I knew as much as possible about it. I finally purchased the B40, and after getting it today and having brewed four cups of coffee so far, I offer the following review (from a BLACK COFFEE drinker, no milk, no sugar):

I think the people who claim this machine is too loud and complain that it vibrates too much are your normal "Mr. Coffee" people. Yes, the machine makes noise. It's pumping pressurized hot water into the K-Cups. Of course it's gonna make noise. I counted each time the noise was made. It lasts five seconds each time, at most. And it's MUCH quieter than my Melitta Mill & Brew, which grinds the coffee beans with a high shrill. This machine also vibrates. But again, it's well worth the minor noise and moderate vibration. You shouldn't be shelling out this much money for a coffee machine if you expect a Mr. Coffee coffee maker. You are buying a "gourmet" coffee machine, and it has some cool features that require hot pressurized water to be pumped through the machine. Not a big deal!

I think a lot of the negative reviews that I read, and maybe all of them, referred to an older version of the B40 that only had one cup size setting. Indeed, when I purchased this machine at Target today, the display model for the B40 had only one cup size. I had to triple-check the box to make sure I was getting the B40 with the TWO cup sizes (and I was). So maybe they have improved the machine since that version.

I read negative reviews about this machine making weak coffee. I was so freaked out about those reviews, I wanted to brew every K-Cup (even the Extra Bold) on the small cup setting. As I was brewing the third cup, I put in a "regular" K-Cup and hit the "large" cup setting. I immediately went into Panic Mode, worried that I just wasted a K-Cup, because my coffee would be too weak to drink. Not true at all! Yes, the coffee was not quite as strong as I would normally like, but it was a very decent cup of coffee. I will not worry if I ever hit the large size on a regular pod again. Although I plan on buying all Extra Bold cups, so that I can brew a bigger cup.

I am extremely pleased with this coffee machine. So much so that I plan to buy two of this same model (or the B60 if it's on sale) as Christmas gifts for my mom and uncle.

As a former coffee house Assistant Manager and an avid fan of "gourmet" coffee, I highly recommend this coffee machine. Probably the best $100 I have spent in at least five years. One of my biggest concerns was that the beans had NO TIME to brew properly in such a short amount of time. But I was completely wrong. This machine brews a nice, bold, rich cup of coffee. Slightly less bold and rich if you brew the regular pods on the larger cup setting; but still very drinkable. I was also concerned that the pods would leak after removing them from the machine, but they are almost dry. I haven't had a single one drip on the way to the trash can, and I remove them seconds after brewing. I'm extremely pleased with the ease and cleanliness of using this machine. No filters to deal with, no messy coffee grounds, no dirty coffee pots to wash (and filter baskets). The convenience of the machine alone is well worth the minor noise and vibration.

I highly recommend this machine. Just do your research and make sure this is the coffee machine you are looking for. It takes time to research, but it pays off in the end. I couldn't be happier with the B40, and don't see why anyone else wouldn't be just as pleased.

Time for me to make another cup.

Former Tassimo customer has switched
By D. Couse "darkman1969"

As the title indicates, I was an original Bosch Tassimo machine user. Unfortunately, their T-Disc coffee's have become harder and harder to find locally where I live. The major stores that used to carry it, suddenly stopped. Oddly enough, they replaced those with this machines KCups.

So after using a 20% off coupon from BBB, we made the leap to this machine and I have to say, I'm very impressed when compared to my previous Tassimo.

Right now, this machine is much quieter than my other. Maybe I got a good one out of the box or maybe I was just lucky. Another thing I noticed is that this machine puts out piping HOT coffee. Enough to make you wait a few before drinking. Not knowing this, as my Tassimo needed a couple of brews to make it hot, I just about burned my tongue right off...Mental note taken.
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Best price keurig B40