Best salad spinner
Best salad spinner
Nothing beats a freshly made bowel of vegetables. With a unique combination of lettuce, greens, raw green spinach,
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The OXO salad spinner is a one handed operation that will get your leafy vegetables clean and dry. Its soft nonslip knob locks down to make it easier to store the spinner away.

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broad leaf herbs, etc you get a bowel of natural goodness.
Salad is a major component of health conscious folk’s diet. It is very healthy and can be used to lose weight and keep it off. For some people putting a good salad together could be demanding. It is a shore that they put off and then go eat some fast food that is not good for them.
We want to remove any obstacles that you might face in putting together good bowel of greens. We have identified a salad spinner that will make life a lot easier for you, introducing the OXO salad spinner!
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No more excuses to buy pre-washed salad greens
By  pm444 "pm444"

I've avoided making salads for a long time because of the preparation time. I had an older salad spinner, but it was the kind you had to turn, and cleaning it afterwards always seemed to take a long time. This spinner is a huge improvement over any I've used before.
You put the rinsed greens in the strainer, or rinse them after they're in, and then put the strainer in the bowl. One easy push and it spins on its own and it does not move around at all on the counter. I have found that it takes a couple spins to dry them the way I like, but while the greens are spinning, you can be chopping up other salad ingredients.

Even better, you can lock the handle in the "down" position and use this spinner to store the unused greens in the fridge; no separate "lettuce saver" is needed. I've had leaf lettuce in mine for several days, and it is still crisp and fresh. Since buying this remarkable spinner, I've had salad every night. And enjoyed every minute of it, preparation included!
If you love salads but hate the prep, get this. You will wonder how you ever got along without it.

Awesome Product!!
I love this item. I used to go through tons of paper towel and waste tons of time drying lettuce. I always thought a salad spinner was silly and would take up lots of space. I was very wrong. I don't need to use any paper towel whatsoever, it takes only a couple minutes to have dry lettuce, and I can store my remaining lettuce in the spinner in the fridge. I've used it a few times and I am really happy that I made this purchase.
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