Dishwasher not cleaning
Dishwasher not cleaning
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Have you ever seen your dishes looking like the glass in the picture after having spent a good amount of time in the dishwasher with adequate detergent and finisher. Not just your glasses, your plates, spoons and forks; basically anything in the dishwasher.


They all have this cloudy look that will require you to hand wash them or throw them away if you’re not looking closely thinking it is a problem with your glassware itself. Actually people have changed their dishwashers, yes! Bought a new dishwasher because of this problem.

It is a very frustrating situation when this happens to you, but there is a solution. You no longer have to feel shy or embarrassed when you have visitors and you offer them a drink or feed them, because you have a solution.

First of all, the problem is due to hard water and depending on the state you live in, the degree of water hardness differs and this will determine how cloudy your dishes are.

The effective solution to this is Lemi shine. This product you add to your dishwasher  in one compartment while maintaining your regular detergent in the other compartment. Run the cycle as usual and at the end ...well seeing is believing.

Reviews from Lemi shine users

Check out these reviews from customers that have used Lemi shine and are very happy with it

A friend told me about this product and we couldn't believe how well it works in the dishwasher to remove hardwater stains on glassware and dishes. A tablespoon in the dishwasher along with dish detergent works wonders, leaving everything sparkling. After years of trying everything we could think of, this product really works!!! It's amazing!!!!

I've been fighting hard chlorinated water for some time, plus my dishwasher is old and when I started to see a cloudy film on everything...dishes, silverware, glasses...I thought I'd need a new machine. Instead, I did a little research and discovered this product. I was skeptical, but boy, it really works! I add half Lemi Shine and half detergent and that seems to do the trick for my dishwasher, however, I must admit that it took a few washes to finally get the right ratio of Lemi Shine to detergent to have the desired effect. It may also take a few washes cycles of items that have a bad build up of film before they're completely shiny, so don't give will work eventually.

Wow! It really works!

I left off one star because of the need to experiment before finally hitting on the right amount to add and also, I ruined 2 cordial glasses that seem to either have a non-removable film or have been scratched by the product. If you're unsure about delicate tableware, I would recommend NOT washing it with Lemi it by hand. Other than that, I think the product lives up to it's promises.

Lemon Shine will fix your nasty cloudy dishes

I agree with previous commenters. I wanted to buy this in bulk for cheaper but at my local retail stores I can get it for about $3-$4 a container. I picked this up on a whim one day b/c it said it helps with hard water and I was so desparate for anything. We had nasty, cloudy glasses and dishes that we hadn't been able to see through since they were new. It was awful serving anyone anything to drink b/c our dishes looked awful. We tried this and on the very first batch my husband was so excited he ran to show me that we actually had CLEAR glasses and they weren't suppose to be so cloudy. We will always use this stuff from now on, it is a staple alongside dishwashing detergent. We use Casade or Finish alongside and we don't have any cloudy problems whatsoever.

Outstanding for Removing Hard Water Spots

We live in an area with exceptionally hard water. Our dishes were covered with hard water stains, particularly our glassware. All of our glasses, coffee pot, glass mixing bowls, and baby bottles were litterally covered with hard water stains and film. Before I purchased Lemishine, we tried everything from adding Borax to the dishwasher to soften the water to using hard water dishwaher cleaner. Nothing worked or even helped. Finally a friend told us to try Lemishine. Problem solved!

Not only did Lemishine clean our dishwasher (heating element was visibly white from the hard water) but it removed the hard water film from our dishes completely and kept it off. My only gripe is that the instructions say it is not recommended for fine china. We have also noticed some crazing on our stoneware which we think may be caused by Lemishine. Also, believe it or not, the amazon price is significantly higher than the Lemishine authorized website ( Unfortunately, doesn't ship to APO addresses. But, great product.

dishwasher saver

Love, Love, Love this product!!! This is a great product since dishwasher detergents don't have phosphate in it no more.

After using all different dishwasher powders available, including Cascade Complete, we were about to go to the next step; to install a water softener. Just after using Lemi Shine for the first time we noted the change produced to our glasses, dishes, pots, etc. After using the product for several days everything is sparkling shining. Yes! I strongly recommend this product.

Works GREAT!

I have been using several product
s to clean our dishwasher. This product works the best. But it is very expense to use all the time. So we use it every other wash load and get the same results. Only issue here is that it is very expensive.
To get results as seen in the picture above click on dishwasher not cleaning solution now, to get your lemi shine and get rid of cloudy dishes.
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