Electric salad spinner
Electric salad spinner
Sometimes we need to prepare our food exactly how we want it by preparing it ourselves.
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For me, it is much easier to just hold the shooter over where I want the food to go. I do not like to have lots of extra appliances all over the place that I hardly use. This one seems to be in use for something every day. I have not used the slicer as much as the shredder but I will probably be slicing vegetables more to use with dips instead of the chips that I am trying to get away from.You can read more review about this Salad shooter by clicking here. Most user are very happy with their Salad shooter and I am sure it will provide great service to you too.  Visit the presto salad shooter to learn more
If its not done the way we prefer we might not really enjoy it so much. If you need to slice or shred large amounts of vegetables, fruits and cheese, then the Presto 02910 Salad Shooter Electric Slicer/Shredder is the tool for you.

This electric salad spinner  will fit comfortably in your kitchen and is ideal for putting topping directly onto a pizza pie, shooting fruits or veggies into a salad bowl or soup. You can quickly and easily switch from shredding to slicing using the attachments.  All the components excluding the motor base are dish water safe.
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Below are reviews from consumers that actually own the electric presto salad shooter
Salad Shooter
By  gretnachevylady

I love my Salad Shooter. I had one and used it often. It is the best little "go-to" appliance in the kitchen. When mine broke, I had to have another one. It does a great job of preparing salad ingredients. I bought an additional blade for smaller shredding (grating). I like a finer shred for a lot of things, especially cheese. Great, affordable appliance that you will use often. Transaction was smooth and delivery was prompt.

A great little appliance!
By Betty Anthony
I have not had my salad shooter long but I have been very pleased with how easy it is to use and how easy it is to clean up after using it. I use a lot of coconuts making coconut kefir from the coconut water and then I have to find something to do with all that coconut meat or throw it away. After having so much coconut flour and coconut milk, I still had more left over that I did not want to throw away so I started shredded it. Shredded it by hand meant I was also shredded my hands. Not an option. After reading what others had written about the Salad Shooter, it sounded like something I would rather have than the shredder attachment to my Kitchen Aid. The reviews on that was not as good as the reviews on the Salad Shooter. I ordered the extra attachments for it and was surprised at the speedy delivery. One was not included in the order for some reason but they were swift to get it to me. I had intended to use it mainly for shredding the coconut but once I had it I started using it shredding vegetables and cheese. It is so easy to shred the cheese right over the skillet when I am making omelets. The attachments has a funnel that is suppose to direct the food to right where you want it but I have found that it does not always shoot the cheese right out but holds it back inside.
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