Oxo food scale
Oxo food scale
When you are baking or preparing your favorite dish in the kitchen, one of the most important tools in your arsenal is a
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There you have! Definitely an awesome scale and a must have for any chef . Works for a grat number of people and helps them create miracles in the kitchen. Click here to learn more about the oxo scale.
food scale. The OXO good grips food scale is the perfect scale for weighing all sorts of ingredients. You can actually weigh the product directly on the scale, or place it on a bowel or platform.
It has a pull out display from the base that prevents shadows thrown by large bowls and plates from obscuring the display reading. It has an optional backlight that makes the display easier to read and a weight indicator that shows the capacity left on the scale before maximum capacity is reached.  You can press the zero button to offset the weight of a container or to set the weight back to zero so you can add additional ingredients.
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If you need to weigh ingredients closely for that fine flavor to your dish or you are on a diet and need to weigh your food for the ideal portions, or any weighing job in the kitchen,  then the OXO scale is for you.
What are people that have actually used and own the OXO scale saying?

Great for diabetics
By Josephbw
If you need to monitor your blood sugar, this scale will make your food measurements fun instead of a chore. The only issue is that you have to wait several seconds for the scale to stabilize, or you may wind up with an incorrect reading. Even my wife enjoys using it, and she is electronically challenged. Great product, decent price, easy to use.

Fantastic scale, but OXO themselves are even more awesome
By psulover901
I must agree with all of the good things that others have said about this scale:

- It's extremely accurate
- The pullout display is really convenient
- Highly satisfied

In addition, I must say that OXO is a really considerate company. My scale was dropped twice the other week, which caused it to become vastly inaccurate. I emailed OXO to see if there was any way I could recalibrate it, and they replied:
"Thank you for contacting the Consumer Care Center. We are sorry for the misfortune of your OXO Food Scale.
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Oxo food scale