Oxo jar opener
Oxo jar opener
Some jars are just too hard to open try as much as you can! But, not for the OXO jar opener. Let me introduce you to the
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There are always 2 sides to a story. For most products there are happy campers and not so happy camper. Click here to get a better view of what people are saying about the OXO jar opener. It is never a bad idea to be better informed about a product.
OXO Good grips jar opener. Your days of banging jars on the counter, running them through hot water, or saying some mumbo jumbo before you try to open a can are over. This tool is pure physics at its best providing you the ability to open a very tight jar with minimum force.
It can be used on all sizes of tubes and jars. Simply place the jar under the non slip base pad, slide the jar opener over the jar lid and twist counter clockwise to loosen the lid
Below are what customers that have actually used the product are saying about the OXO jar opener at Amazon
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Makes you more independent
By  Rebecca Johnson "The Rebecca Review"

Before I found this OXO Good Grips Jar Opener I relied on my husand to unscrew any jar lid I needed opened. The only problem was that sometimes he wasn't home when I was cooking. Now that I have this jar opener I feel much more independent. It is especially helpful for any jar with an aluminum lid. The serrated edge easily grips the metal and opens with a light twist. You can't see it in the picture but on the other side there is a round plastic mat you can place on the counter.
Then you place the jar on the mat which causes it to sort of glue itself to the counter. Then you twist off the lid even easier. I'd recommend this for anyone who is losing strength or just doesn't want to have to rely on other people to help open jars. You will be so much less frustrated with this handy gaget.

I'll Never Struggle with Jars Again
By L. Ott

This little jar opener is better than sliced bread! I have had difficulty for YEARS opening jars ... small hands and a couple of thumb injuries have made it nearly impossible for me to unhinge the jar lids. You know, it gets really embarrassing to keep going door to door, looking for someone in the neighborhood to help me out. But, I ordered this opener and I could just kick myself for not doing it ten years ago. It is lightweight but sturdy enough to get the job done. It stores flat in the kitchen drawer.
And, it has opened every single jar I've placed in it, from tiny ketchup bottle lids to gigantic peanut butter lids. No more banging the jars on the counter, running them under hot water, or aggravating my sore thumbs just to complete a recipe. I'll never have to ask for help again!
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Oxo jar opener