Oxo mandoline slicer
Oxo mandoline slicer
If you are looking at making Onion rings, slicing cucumbers for salad, potato chips, French fries, citrus slices then the
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There you have it. This product has been reviewd by more customers that actually use it. Click here to read more reviews about the OXO mandolin slicer and judge for yourself if it is the right slicer for you
OXo mandolin slicer is the tool for you. It is known for creating culinary sensations easily and quickly. Comes with unique wavy and straight blades that can be set to make the ideal thick or thin cut we desire. This tool has non slip feet that keeps the Mandoline stable and secure on the counter top. It can easily be stowed away. The blades are stored on board for safety and convenience, while the food holder and the legs are easily folded
With our research on the web, the oxo mandolin slicer has received 4 out of 5 stars on reviews and below is what some satisfied users on Amazon have to say
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Excellent product, very easy and safe to use
By Amalfi Coast Girl
An avid home cook that is a collector of both cookbooks and cooking gadgets writes this review. I am a fairly accomplished home cook and own more than my share of kitchen gadgets. I received this product as a birthday present a few years ago and have been more than satisfied with its performance. I have summarized my observations of this product below:

1. Makes perfect thin slices every time
2. Stays sharp longer than I expected it to.
3. Easy to disassemble to sharpen the blade
4. Simple to clean, I usually hand wash it
5. Small size means it is easy to store
6. Very easy to change thickness settings and large easy to read dial
7. Apparently well made. I expected the plastic would have given up by now with the repetitive use this gets at my house. But, it is still going strong two years after purchase.

Love it!
By K. Stephens
Mine works wonderfully. The blades are razor sharp and come covered with a thin plastic strip for protection. Perhaps the previous reviewer failed to notice this and remove the strip?
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Oxo mandoline slicer