Oxo measuring cups
Oxo measuring cups
OXO out did itself with its measuring cups. It completely revolutionized the way liquid is measured with its innovative
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Definitely a great product when it comes to measuring. Click here to read more reviews from people that actually own and use the OXO measuring cups. Both sides are represented and you might learn one or two things that will be of benefit to you while in the kitchen
technology. With the OXO angled measuring cups you do not have to bend or stoop to read off the level of the liquid you are measuring in a container, just pour it in and look straight down into the cup to get your reading. Like other OXO products ergonomics play a huge role. This product is comfortable and easy to grip with the soft and non slip material on the handle. It is dish washer safe and conveniently market in ounces and milliliters.
This definitely is a great tool to have in your kitchen for measuring liquids, but you do not have to take my word for it. Blow is what users of the product are saying about it.
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Great Product
By Carol

I never thought I would be reviewing a set of measuring cups but to be so ecstatic about the purchase would have sent me into a fit of laughter. Well go ahead and chuckle as I am about to sing their praises. To set the stage, everyone knows how annoying it is to fill a measuring cup then set it down on the counter to check the accuracy of the liquids line right? Continuing on, most measuring cups are glass (plastic tends to lose their clarity if they ever even had any) & glass is heavy without the content. If you then add a problem, any problem (mine is MS), which results in a weakness in your hand the weight becomes even more evident and bigger problem. None of these scenes are earth shattering yet it makes cooking or baking much less enjoyable & time consuming. Well let me tell you, OXO Good Grips Angled Measuring cups are a God send. The cups nestle inside each other so wonderfully needing no space at all, they are very clear plastic of Great quality, durable (I even dropped them on the tiled floor purposly) & the content lines are angled (read Truthful description)so you will never again have to double check the quanity lines for accuracy! I Highly recommend this product & Kudo's to OXO for product design and to Amazon for the great description accuray & availablity. I own a few other OXO products and intend to own more.
Again, Thank You OXO & Amazon.

Great Measuring Cups, Great Value
By O. Brown "Ms. O. Khannah-Brown"
I love these measuring cups because I can see exactly how much I'm putting into them from above instead of peering and squinting at the measuring lines from the side. They are priced well, and very useful. They come in all sizes, from mini-size (1/4 cup) all the way up to 4 cups, and come in sets as well. They are made of a sturdy type of hard plastic. The measuring cups are dishwasher safe, but should not be used in the microwave.

I haven't had any problems with them. My husband recently began to use one of them for measuring his boiling water for oatmeal in one, and so far it has held up great. However, I like them so much, that I'm worried that the markings on the inside may wear off in time, so I'm getting him a special glass one of his own. I would therefore recommend them ideally for dry ingredients or for cool wet ingredients.

UPDATE: A commenter noted that she has been using them for at least two years for measuring boiling water, and has had no trouble with the markings! (Please see comments.)

They are handy, easy to store (I can stack mine by staggering the handles) and easy to clean. The handles are made of rubber for easy gripping, very nice. I still have some of my old traditional measuring cups but I only use these

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Oxo measuring cups