Oxo salad spinners
Oxo salad spinners
When it comes to comfort while cooking in the kitchen or preparing your salad, the oxo salad spinners come to mind.
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With the green OXO salad spinner, washing and drying your leafy veggies is as much fun as the excellent job it does.  Operating OXO salad spinners is pretty easy. All you need to do is press the soft cushioned knob to start the gadget spinning. Once the job is done, the spinning is stopped by applying the built in breaks. You can actually see the progress of the spinning by looking through the clear lid. The spinner’s bowel capacity is 6.22 quarts while the basket capacity is 4.95 quarts. OXO spinners can be used for greens; Spinach, lettuce and what have you.
Belo w is a review by an OXO grips Green salad spinner
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simply revolutionary!
By  trebe
Simply put, the Oxo salad spinner receives such stellar reviews because it is an extremely well designed product, that operates on a simple principle, and works fantastically well. Given a choice, almost everyone would prefer fresh, clean vegetables and fruit. However, washing them usually leaves you with the problem of excess water, and that is where the Oxo comes in.

The spinner has three components, the bowl, the basket, and the lid. Put your vegetables, fruit, or whatever you want to drain off excess liquids from, in the basket. Place the basket in the bowl, resting on the center pin at the bottom of the bowl. Release the spring loaded handle, and then while holding down the lid, push down on the handle a few times. The centrifugal force generated from spinning the contents in the basket, draws liquid and small debris to the outer walls of the bowl. What remains in the basket is relatively dry, and excess water and debris can be discarded.

The bowl is made of extra hard plastic, that is shaped so that it is difficult to tip over, even when the basket is spinning at high speed. The rubber on the bottom of the bowl provides traction, and helps keep the bowl from spinning, or tipping over, while you are pumping. There is very little friction between the spinning basket, and the bowl and lid, and it is quite remarkable how long the basket will keep spinning if you just let it spin. There is a button on the top of the lid that acts as a brake, and will slow and stop the basket. To maintain a minimum profile, there is a sliding lever that locks down the spring loaded handle into the lid. Although holding the lid down is recommended, even when spinning at high speed, the lid seems to stay in place pretty securely.
It is kind of hard to see the mechanism inside the lid, but hopefully any metal parts are corrosion resistant, as these would probably be the only things that might normally fail.
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Oxo salad spinners