Oxo storage containers
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Oxo storage containers
Most kitchens have a problem with containers. Storing them, keeping them shot and airtight; and when they do 
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That was a very detailed and elaborate review from a satisfied customer, but you can hear from more users by clicking on OXO storage containers and get first hand information about this product.
close, preserving food; and being opened easily. The OXO storage containers solve all that in an elegant disposition. These containers produce an airtight seal that keep food safe, dry and fresh. They are easy to stack and keep the kitchen organized. Most of all the OXO storage containers have a unique push button mechanism that just with one touch creates an airtight seal and also serves as a handle to lift off the lid. Whether you are storing spices, tea bags, nuts, sugar, dry chillies and bouillon cubes, this 10 oxo Good grip POP container set will do the job.
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Big decision
By Scott R. Weaver

I have purchased many of these storage containers, in various sizes. As with most OXO products, I have been extremely satisfied with them, and I would buy them again. More importantly, my wife appears to be equally impressed with her gift.

That being said, I don't think they would work as well for everyone, as they do for us. They are expensive, and they are not necessarily the best choice for a home with small children. As such, I will provide you with my observations, and leave it up to you to decide how they would fit into your personal lifestyle.

The pros:

They seal flawlessly, and with great ease. I believe they are the best product available for keeping the freshness in, and the bugs out. They stack nicely, and their clear siding permits easy identification of the contents within. Their rounded corners make pouring a breeze.

These containers come in a variety of sizes, and meet all of our kitchen dry-storage needs. They work for everything from baking goods, to cereals and crackers, to bread. Yes, the two largest container sizes can hold a normal-sized loaf of bread, and keep it fresh for much longer.

They have really helped organize the pantry, which looks great, and makes it much easier to evaluate how much of a product requires replentishment, prior to shopping.

The cons:

First, many of them (especially the larger sizes) are not packaged well for shipping, and they have arrived in broken condition. Fortunately, Amazon Customer Service has promptly replaced them, without delay. To me, the long-term convenience far outweighs the short-term frustration.

Second, we have not broken any of them after delivery, but we are also quite careful in their handling. I'm not sure how well they would do with small children, so be advised before you invest. I suspect a single drop on the hard kitchen floor would result in a damaged container, but I am not willing to test my hypothesis at this price.
Third, they are not dishwasher safe, except for the silicon sealing ring. For us, this has not been a major issue, but it may be a problem for others.
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