Oxo garlic press
oxo garlic press
The OXO garlic press lives up to the expectation of other Oxo kitchen products.  It is a heavy well balanced press
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If you are like me, I always like to learn more before I invest in a product. Click on OXO steel garlic press for more reviews from people that use it. Know the good and the bad
with a combination of stainless steel and zinc for that sophisticated look. It has a black cushioning inset that provides comfort when pressing several gloves of garlic all at once. When it comes to crushing garlic without any fear of damage to your hands, this is the tool for you.
It can be easily washed by hand if so desired and it is 100% dish washer safe.
Don’t take my word for it. Check out what consumers like you that like to cook with fresh garlic are saying about the product:
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An article by consumer report describes the OXO good grip press as one of the most have gadgets for any kitchen

Kitchen gadgets: Must-haves & duds

A new "must have" kitchen gadget seems to emerge each week, especially on TV infomercials. Consumer Reports asked its Facebook fans what basic gadgets they actually use, then tested several variations — some 40 products in all. Our testers spent weeks peeling potatoes, opening cans, mincing garlic, grating cheese, and zesting lemons to help you find the best gadgets — and the ones you should leave on store shelves.

Personal considerations such as hand size and cooking habits cooking habits were important, and more often than not, old reliable designs pleased most of our testers. We did, however, discover some clever twists on the tried-and-true, as well as a few brave new variations that could warrant a spot in your kitchen drawer.


Garlic Press...

My Special, Steely Friend
By  H. Murphy
This review is from: OXO SteeL Garlic Press, Stainless (Kitchen)
I'm afraid I've developed an unhealthy relationship with this garlic press. It's so shiny, and has such lovely heft. Most important, it presses garlic with an incredibly smooth and powerful action. I've started to add way more garlic than normal, just so I can keep using the press.

Post-press, you simply flip over the handle and the nonstick pokey side pushes the garlic remains cleanly out. I usually gather those remains and smush them all back in for a final press. I just can't get enough...
When I'm finished, I just lay it flat in the top section of the dishwasher. It comes out perfectly clean and shiny each time.

You'll love it. Trust me.

Perfect for my small hands
By Sara McKay
After searching garlic press reviews upon reviews, for weeks on end, I decided to buy this OXO Garlic Press (in March 2010).

Without handling one to test it out I could only hope I had chosen well.
I knew I wanted stainless steel AND one that can "self-clean".
This looked sturdy 'n hefty - which is good - but I didn't know if it might end up being too heavy for me as I have small hands and my wrists tend to be a tad weak.
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Oxo Garlic press