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How to clean a room
How to clean a room
How to clean a room
by 4RegularFolks Writer

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Whenever I stay in a nice hotel, I always like how neat and tidy the hotel room is. I leave the room untidy, go out for my business for the day, come back and it’s all nice and neat again. I have tried many times to replicate the type of professional cleaning done in hotels at my own place and it’s harder than professional cleaners make it out to be.

Where to start with cleaning a room

The biggest obstacle facing most house cleaner to be, is figuring out where to start. You look at the mess that is your home and you are just overwhelmed. Most times you are already defeated before you start.

Now, to overcome this inertia to start, clarifying the difference between tidying and cleaning should be emphasized. Before you bring out you cleaning , cleaning cloth, sponges, sprays, vacuum cleaner and what have you, the first step is to tidy up.

Tidy and Organized

Pick up things that are littered all over the place, newspapers, cloths, magazines and other tidbits. You don’t want to be constantly starting and stopping, with the vacuum cleaner to move things out of the way or to pick up trash. Cleaning is already a chore most people do not want to do and starting and stopping frequently just draws the energy out of you. By tidying up first, you have already taken care of the hard stuff, providing you a structured and organized approach to cleaning your home and ensuring that you clean at a regular sustainable pace.

Put your cleaning tools together

Before you start tidying up the room, grab a light plastic bin and throw all your cleaning products inside it. Cleaning agents like rags, furniture polish, carpet cleaner and re-fresheners, antibacterial spray, window cleaner etc. Also bring a trash bag with you as you go from room to room, or just grab an empty grocery bag. Just throw your dirty wipes or the little trash you pick up into the bag to save you from going back and forth to the trash bin in the kitchen.

Make sure you have the right sprays and wipes that are adequate for the job. You do not want to spend time trying to get a dirty spot out and at the end of your effort; the dirty spot is still there. Always use superior products for your cleaning, so that the little time you have for cleaning is not wasted. You do not want to be re-cleaning when you should have moved on to another room to clean.

Picking and moving

After you are done picking up stuff from the floor, moving things to the right place; that is, you are done with tidying, then the cleaning starts.  The best approach is to start from the top and work your way down. That is, from the ceiling down to the floor.

Getting cobwebs out of ceiling corners and dusting top book shelves first, and working down to lower furniture accordingly, almost always guarantees that the last place to clean will be the floor. All you have to do is pick up stuff that might be too big for the vacuum cleaner to pick up, before you run the vaccum cleaner or if it’s a hard floor, you use your broom and dust pan before you do the finishing touches, shinning or buffing.

The secret to cleaning your house is to clean one room at a time. Not only will your home be neat and organized, you will have a feeling of accomplishment and will save time and energy in the long run.Cleaning your home is beneficial for more then just the simple fact that it is pleasing to the eye.  When you walk into someone’s home it is the first thing that you notice; how clean and tidy the place is or the opposite.  And it’s the first thing other people notice about your home too, even if there own home is dirtier and in a worse shape than yours.

Remember, a dirty and unkempt home is more likely to attract disease carrying vectors and cause illness to those who live in it.  Wherever there is dirt and moisture, there lies an excellent habitat for micro organisms.  By keeping the surfaces clean and dry, you are able to provide for yourself and family members a greater chance at staying healthy.
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