How to win the lottery

How to win the lottery
How to win the lottery
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How to win the lottery
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How to win the lottery
Simple statistics can put you on the part to changing your family tree.
You can easily win a small fortune to realize your dreams.

First off, you will need some form of lottery ticket - a scratch off ticket or a pick a number lottery ticket.

There are many different types to choose from, Mega millions, Lotto, Power ball, get what I mean.

The following strategy will be your guide to winning big!

Get other people to pull resources together with you
  • When Choosing numbers pick a mix of odd, even numbers highs and lows

           For Powerball
           Low Numbers = 1 – 27
           High Numbers = 28 -55

When you pull resources together, it brings variety to the number mix and increases your chances of getting it right
But, make sure to sign a mutually agreeable contract with your buddies. When you do win, you do not want to be tied up in the courts trying to figure out who said what and to whom ( by the time you are done, Lawyers will end up with your money)

  • Avoid playing consecutive numbers, it’s unlikely 4 or 5 numbers will hit in a row
  • When playing a lottery that the numbers go up to 55, make sure that the total of your numbers is between 104 and 176. Why? The sum of numbers for 70% of lottery jackpots fall within that range
  • Don’t pick all your number from the same number groups like the 10s or 30s
  • Avoid selections that end in the same digit such as 19, 29, 39 etc
  • Increase your odds by playing unpopular games like those with small payouts or on days like Friday the 13th, yep you will increase your odds
  • Play more of scratch off tickets, the payout is smaller but they have better odds than the pick a number games
  • Check your states website for the winning numbers, do not forget
  • People play numbers which are dear to them such as their birthdays, kid’s birthdays, family and friends. This means that numbers 1 to 31 are picked very often
  • Concentrate on the numbers from 32 to 55 and when you win, the payout amount will be huge since there won’t be a lot of people to share the jackpot with you

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