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learn Chinese in China
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The best way to learn a language is to live and interact with people that live the language day by day. Mandarin, the national language of China comes in so many dialects and accents that it might be challenging to pick it up if you are not hearing it directly from the source, the people that speak it and trying to speak the way you hear it. To learn Chinese in the shortest possible time, you best bet is to hop on a plane and head out to China.

Every year thousands of people from all parts of the world converge on the city of Beijing to learn the Chinese language. Beijing is an international city and is very hospitable to all this thousands of people that visit the city to learn the language.

The good thing about the city is that it has quite a number of excellent language schools to cater for this large number of people, offering excellent full time language courses over the summer and some part time courses in the fall and winter. China with its huge human resources is expected to play a major role in world economics, policies and businesses in the near future. It therefore makes good business sense that individuals and businesses that which to remain competitive in the work force should take out some time to learn Mandarin.

When in China learning Chinese, you should take advantage of the treasure throve which is China to visit ancient monuments and learn about ancient Chinese history.  Beijing, also known as the northern capital has been the capital of China since 1279 and has actually seen it all, from the Quing, Yuan and Ming dynasties to the communist party, and the new blend that has seen China transform into an economic power house in leaps and bounds.

Emperors lived in the Forbidden City right in the center of Beijing and since it was opened to tourists you can now visit the area adorned by magnificent architecture. You can get around the city by taxi or the metro and visit other interesting sites like a chunk of the Great Wall of China.

No trip to China is complete without visiting the Great walls where several parts of it can still be seen close to the city.  Other interesting places to visit include the Tiananmen Square, the Summer Palace, Mao Memorial hall and the Temple of Haven.

As you explore the city make sure you practice your Mandarin on the locals, it is not all fun and games. You are there to learn the Chinese language and remember the old saying,” practice makes perfect.”

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Learn Chinese in China