How to make extra money from home

How to make extra money from home
How to make extra money from home
How to make extra money from home
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With the economy struggling and a lot of people getting laid off; and finding a new job becoming more and more difficult, taking matters into your hands could be the difference between starving and having your next meal. Even if you already have a job, it does not hurt to have a second stream of income that could supplement the current amount you bring in.

This article will show you different ways you can set up a second or even third income revenue stream and all you would need is a computer and internet connection, which you already have.

Become a freelancer

You already have a set of skills you use every day at your current job, or if you were laid off, you still have the skills from when you were working. This can still be useful to you. You can work for yourself as a freelancer. This will involve offering your skills to people and being paid as you complete them. Most skills are transferrable into freelancing such as data entry, consulting, web design, writing, making custom t-shirts; but you have to take initiative and find people that need your services.

There are many websites like odesk, elance etc where you can register and advertise your expertise. Customers will find you, give you a task and your payment arrangement is managed by the odesk or elance platform as the case maybe.

Sell unneeded stuff

When you look around your home, attic or basement, there are various items in there that you no longer need. Gather them all together and sell them off. You can do this through a garage sale or put them on an auction website such as eBay. This method works all the time and will generate you some extra cash and also provide you an opportunity to tidy up your home.

You will be surprised at how things you do not need are treasures for somebody else. A bread toaster you put away, just because it was too old could be a treasure for a toaster collector. With advances in technology today, setting up an auction for your unwanted items is very easy on websites like eBay, and most have easy and intuitive platforms to guide you through.

Commission based selling

You can sell other company’s product without ever leaving your home and get a nice commission for it. This is called affiliate marketing. Most companies with an online presence such as Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target, Barnes and Noble etc; and a whole bunch of companies have affiliate programs were they pay you a commission whenever you send a customer to them who purchases an item. The commission you get could range from 4% to 15% or more of the price of the item(s).

This involves you having a website, and putting a link from the affiliate company. When customers go to their website by clicking a link on your site and make a purchase, you are paid a commission. You do not have to do anything else. The program will credit you with the sale and the funds are deposited into your account.

These are some of the ways you can generate extra income and make ends meet. But, remember you must take action to see it through. If you feel you need some training on how to become an affiliate marketer, making and selling T shirts, freelancer or selling on auction sites, there are many training programs available to guide you through. Good luck.

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