Cyber Monday 2011 by 4RegularFolks Writer
Cyber Monday 2011
The Monday after Thanksgiving is Cyber Monday and it kind of signals the beginning of the holiday shopping season.
Cyber Monday - Shopping For Toys
By Andy Charalambous

Cyber Monday, is a term coined by the company Shop.org and every year is on the Monday following Thanksgiving. This phenomenal shopping day is pretty much the twin to the famous Black Friday that comes immediately following Thanksgiving. Like all twins there are slight differences between the two though.

Black Friday is more of a physical shopping day, i.e., you actually have to physically go out and hunt around the stores for the bargains and sales. Stores open incredibly early and offer drastic price cuts and savings for early bird customers. Not a bad little deal if you are ok with the pushing and shoving that is inevitable in the stores on days such as these.

Cyber Monday, however, is more for the shopper who isn't a fan of driving to shopping malls and spending the rest of the day moving from one toy store to the next hunting for a popular toy that is obviously sold out! It is the only day of the year that you can get massive savings on toys and other products and have the whole lot delivered to you for free just in time for Christmas. It is the Christmas kickoff for online shoppers and retailers.

Here is a day that has become a shopping phenomenon as people spend the better part of this day ordering gifts online. Hence the name, Cyber Monday. Every year this day grows more and more popular as retailers try to find bigger and better ways to direct customers to their online stores.

Now into its fifth year Cyber Monday follows a tradition where retailers offer discounts and savings opportunities for web customers who get their orders in early on.
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Since you are already on the web you can take advantage of Cyber Monday deals by clicking here Now to get discounts on the products you order. Discounts range from free shipping to 20% to 75% discounts on some products.
Stores offer huge discounts on products and consumers even those on the side lines tend to be drawn in by the steep discounts that stores offer online.

Below is an article about cyber Monday shopping and how to navigate your way around to get good deals on cyber Monday.

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