Dog brush for shedding
Dog brush for shedding:
Finding the right tool to help your dog shed its hair could be demanding. We did a little research and found the right tool.
Yes, it works.
by By Katy Lake

And I say it as an expert on just about any product that promises to reduce pet hair shedding, or make the clean up of it easier.

I have a Norwegian Elkhound, one very compact, highly intelligent, gorgeous and HAIRY dog. She has both a long coat and a very prolific downy white undercoat that seemingly sheds 24/7. It's got a cotton ball texture; tufts of it stick out, and if you pull it, you get a pouf of very soft white down that is guaranteed to stick to you and everything in its path.

My former regimen was to use a rubber curry brush for the long outer coat, and (the part I hate), an undercoat rake. No matter how much I brush her, I'm covered with hair, and there's a grocery bag FULL of hair. It's an hour to two hour task, and as much as I love my dog, a huge, hairy nuisance!

When I got the Furminator, I was impressed with the heft of it. I bought the large size with the idea that it'd be that much less effort (generally speaking, the small size is the cheapest, but it's so small, it would take forever on anything but the smallest or unhairiest dog. And the difference in price between the medium and large is, at most places, only a few bucks. If you're going to invest in the furminator, go for the size that makes the most out of every pass over the dog's coat.)

So I tried a few swoops on the dog. And yeah, ...continued
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Finding the right dog brush for shedding could be a demanding task. There are a lot of products out there and pet owners sometimes are stuck with products that do not do a great job, irritate the dogs and leave the pet owner exhausetd with sore muscles after deshedding a dog.

But, it should not end like that. There are excellent shedding tools in the market today. Click on furminator to learn more.
The Furminator deshedding tool for dogs is the tool that is  on the lips of every pet owner and also on the lips of satisfied pets themselves. It is ideal for both dogs and cats and does an excellent job. It gets rid of old hair without pulling, tugging or irritating the dog.

Dogs love it and will not move until you are done. You will be amazed by the amount of hair that is harvested by this tool. Check out what an owner of the furminator is saying below.
Dog brush for shedding
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