Dog brush furminator
Dog brush furminator:
We love our pets and we definitly have their best interest in mind. Making sure they are well groomed takes some effort.
Best grooming tool out there!
By fdr

In our 10-animal household (dogs and cats), fur is everywhere. I thought I had found the holy grail of grooming tools in the Zoom Groom (they make different models for dogs and for cats), which removes a lot of fur without giving the animal an unpleasant experience. Now I think the Zoom Groom is a great little brush, but when it comes to amount of fur removed, it's got nothin' on the Furminator. Even my long-hair cat who dislikes being groomed will let me use the Furminator on her for a good long stretch.

How does it work? Excellent question; I still can't figure it out exactly after extensive use, but I can tell you what it does NOT do. It doesn't pull or cut the hair; the comb-style "blade" does not have a sharp edge. Also, it doesn't cause discomfort for the animal; mine all seem to enjoy it very much, like it gives a pleasant scratching sensation. (I ran it along my own arm as a test, and experienced the same.)

If you go to the Furminator website and watch the grooming videos there, you will see tremendous amounts of fur being removed from dogs and cats after they have been groomed using a few different styles of grooming tools. These videos are not faked; I could not believe the piles and piles of fur I removed from my critters with the Furminator, even after using a fine-toothed flea comb on them. Their coats are so soft after I groom them, and the amount of hair shed on my furniture and floors actually seems to have decreased! Plus the critters -- especially those with heavy undercoats for winter warmth -- are way more comfy in the summer heat.

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when it comes to making sure that your dog has a healthy layer of fur over its skin, it makes good sense to use the best product in the maket today. The furminator deshedding tool for dogs hs been reviewed by a lot of people that actually use it. With our research on the internet, it consistently got  4 out of 5 stars.

There were one or two reviews about the dog not being very comfortable during deshedding. You can read about that by clicking here.
With the Furminator deshedding tool for dogs, this otherwise tedious job becomes very easy and exciting for both parties. Your dog loves it because he loosk good at the end of it all and it is very comfortable.

Now, what are owners of this great product saying about it?  You can read below fdr's review about the product on one of the major retail sites that is visited frequently by consumers and pet lovers.

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