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5 Secret tips to get back your ex
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5 Secret tips to get back your ex
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Building up a relationship is not a day’s job, it takes commitment and time to grow and be stable. Unfortunately, sometimes something goes wrong that is very stressful and frustrating and you find yourself wanting to distant yourself from the one you have built up a solid relationship with. A breakup occurs and the next step will be do you get back with this individual or do you move on?

Both options are easy to say, but very difficult to implement. Getting away from an ex could be easier if you have somebody or something to fill the void. Getting back with an ex is easier said than done. Below are 5 steps that you can take to make it happen in a very short time and the good news is that at the end of the day you will have a stronger relationship.

Minimize communication

Absence they say makes the heart fonder. Shutting the door on all forms of communication may not sound like the right thing to do; you should make sure that you are getting plenty of face time with your ex, right? Wrong.

One of the most important steps in trying to get an ex back is to stay away. This will get you ex curious, wondering what you are up to. It will also give them time to clear their mind and think things through. It also gives you time to improve yourself and think of what you can do to improve your relationship when it kicks off again.

Be Strong

Staying away from an ex, especially when you are hurting is not an easy task, but it is something you must do. You must not appear needy, desperate or clingy. Nobody wants somebody needy, and please do not turn yourself into a charity case for love. Make you ex believe that you are doing just fine without them and you have kind of moved on. You ex should be thinking more about you, for no other reason than simple curiosity and might realize that they have not moved on. This will bring you guys on the same page when the time is right for you to make a come back.


This is not the time for you to be alone starring at the wall. Get out and have fun. Call your friends and hang out. Do tings you haven’t done in a while that you enjoy, but do not over do it. Do not go out and paint the town red or even pay attention to the opposite sex. Just have a good time and enjoy yourself with your friends. You will feel a lot better at the end of the day and get your ex wondering if he or she is doing the right ting not being with you.

Take it all in stride

Do not make any demands on your ex, such as insisting that they move out in 5mins or worst, you throw their stuff out. Be accommodating and listen when your ex wants to discuss what happened. No matter the circumstances of the break up, always be ready to listen and be sympathetic. This will surprise your ex and help build the lines of communication when you are both ready for dialogue.

Be yourself

Once upon a time you were the best thing that your ex had ever experienced. Get back to those basic things that you did. Simply just be yourself and get rid of any extra baggage you might have picked up. This rebirth will definitely rub off on your ex and get things moving along.

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