Fun things to do

Fun things to do
Fun things to do
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Fun means different thing to different people and your idea of fun could be somebody else’s definition of a waste of time. It’s all subjective, but in this article we have included activities which most people agree is fun, it now depends on you to fill the gaps in. The list of fun things to do is as wide as your imagination. It all revolves around you. Come up with an idea and then make it happen and you have yourself an original fun idea. Some of the fun things to do especially on weekends or when you are in a new area include:-

Driving around

Make sure you are with a gps or a smart phone in case you really get lost. If it’s an area where you live there are definitely roads or towns which you always pass along your regular route and you just wonder where it leads to. This is the time to explore it, take that route and see where it leads to. Sometimes you will be amazed at your discoveries such as a shorter way to get to work, or a store that is much closer to you than the one you normally go to.

Garage sales

This could be a fun thing too. If you are new in an area it is a good way to get the feel of the town you are in. Every weekend especially when the weather is nice people bring out their unwanted stuff, hoping somebody else would want to pay money for it. Drive around and stop in as a few of these garage sales to find out what they have and also interact with the local folks you see. Always carry some cash with you too; you might see a bargain which will really double your fun.

Local tourist

Sometimes when you live in an area, you just take the place for granted and never explore it. For example I have come across a lot of folks that live in New York and never went for a tour to see some of the attractions that bring in millions of tourists every day to the big apple. Landmarks like the Empire state building, Statue of Liberty etc, they pass them every day, as they go about their business and thats it. Become a tourist in your town and you will definitely discover more new things and appreciate where you live the more.

Cleaning the house

You might have an area of your home such as the attic, basement etc that needs to be sorted out. Maybe you want to make room for a home office but need to move things around to get it set. It might be hard work but when you are done, you will be happy with your accomplishment. But, before you begin, have a mental map of where you will be moving things too and how much time you have. You never want to start a project that leaves you worse off.

Remember, your imagination is the greatest tool you have, use it well and you can generate fun on demand.

Fun things to do
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