Things to do on Sunday

Things to do on Sunday
Things to do on Sunday
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Sunday means different things to different people. For some it is the beginning of the work week, so they basically prepare themselves for the new week. For others it is a day of rest; to recover from the week before and the day before, Saturday. Below are some common things people do on Sundays

Sleeping in

After a fun filled Saturday, Sunday is a very welcome day. You can afford to party late on Saturday and know that the next day you do not have to go to work or have any commitment to make you get up earlier then you normally would. Some folks sleep in the whole of Sunday and some sleep in half the day

Movie day

Another fun thing to do on Sundays is to go to the movies. It is normally relaxing, driving on Sundays in most parts of the world is not as hectic as during the week. You can dress casually and go see the movie of your choice


Sundays can also be the day to prepare your food for the rest of the week especially if you are very busy during work days. Crank up your cooker and prepare 2 or 3 dishes, or whatever you desire that will last you the whole week. Put them in plastic containers and store in the freezer. The beauty of cooking on Sundays is that you have readymade food. As you get in from work, all you need to do is put the food in the microwave and it’s done. It also helps you save money in the long run and you spend less on eating out and fast food.

Go to an amusement park

If you have little or kids or your have little relatives, taking them on a trip to an amusement park on Sunday will be a very fun thing to do. Even if you do it only a few times a year, the kids will never forget it. You will always remain their favorite Uncle or Aunty. It might be a long day as other parents and families are in on this secret so bid your time. Try and go in early and leave before there is a rush in evening when everybody is trying to get home to prepare for the next day.

Go to the Park

Visit your local park. You can walk the dog if you have one or just walk yourself. You can go with a magazine or book, sit on the bench and read a few pages or chapters. Get some fresh air, exercise and enjoy the scenery.

Friends and family

Sundays are good for catching up with friends and family. You can have a lunch date and invite them over or meet some other place. If you have kids taking them to visit their grandparents and older relatives is a good way to spend your time on Sunday

Go to Church

For some Church is a priority on Sundays and for some it is not. Religions differ all over the world, if Sunday is your day of worship, and then are there. Catholics have a few masses every Sunday morning so you can choose the time that works best for you. If you attend church first thing in the morning, then you have the rest of the day to play with as you like, without having that nagging feeling that you have not met with that obligation.

There you have it. That is Sunday for you. Utilize it any way that benefits you the most. If you have any more ideas on the best way to spend a Sunday, let us know my dropping a comment in the comment box below.
Things to do on Sunday
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