What to do on weekends

What to do on weekends
What to do on weekends
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Weekends are those two days that come after Friday...Saturday and Sunday respectively. The former signifies the end of the week, while the later signifies the beginning of a new week. For most people, those are days they can spend their time any way they want. They are typically school free days and work free unless you decide to spend it otherwise.

People’s interests are different so, my plans for the weekend will deficiently be different from yours. However, in the grand skim of things if you do the research you will notice that there is usually overlap with other people’s weekend plans.

If you have some challenges trying to figure out what to do on weekends, we have put together activities people are involved in on weekends and hopefully provide you new fun ideas on what to spend your time on over a weekend.

Fun with kids

For couples with kids, nothing is as exciting as a fun filled indoors or out door activity with the kids. Have the kids teach you whatever game they play chasing each other and you just join in. You could play simple games like throwing the Frisbee, baseball, basket ball. Just remember, kids have a lot of energy, they never want to stop, so you have to ease them into less strenuous activity when you get started.

Watch games

A lot of people spend their weekends in front of the television. It is a favorite pastime for most and watching TV all weekend is a worldwide phenomena. Depending on what part of the world you live in; and the games season that is current, you could spend the weekend watching Football, Baseball, basketball, ice hockey or cricket as the case maybe without getting off the couch. If that appeals to you then football it is for you for the weekend.

Hang out with friends and family

Spending time with friends and family is also a good way to spend the weekend. You work hard all week concentrating on your job or school work. You let your phone calls go to voice mail and over weekend you play catch up. You could go out for drinks with friends and family, visit with friends or have them over at your place.
For individuals involved in long distance relationships or those that work away from their family, the weekend could be the only time you get to go home and relax with your family or spouse.


Preparing your food is another interesting way to utilize your weekends. If you pack your lunch for work or are interested in saving money by eating in, instead of going out all the time, then using your weekends to cook is an excellent idea. Of course, you must invest in a freezer where you can store the food after they are prepared.

Purchase enough plastic containers to last you the 5 days. Line the food up in your freezer and just grab what you want to eat and pop into the microwave. Not only do you save money when you cook, you also eat healthy.

Watch Movies

It is not a coincidence that new movies are always released on Fridays! Friday is officially the end of the work week and people are looking forward to watching a movie that has been advertised for weeks. You could even start your weekend on Friday, catching a movie and maybe dinner with friends before heading home to get a well deserved sleep


When you sleep you get recharged. Sleeping in on weekends, is a favorite past time for a lot of people. Some folks spend the whole weekend sleeping. Especially if you start your weekend on Friday after work, then the tendency is that you would have a late night and then sleeping in would be expected.

Yard work

As the seasons change and trees shed their leaves, your yard could become a mess with all sorts of leaves. Your lawn requires mowed now and then, and if its winter you might need to do some shoveling to create. Again the weekend comes in handy for shores like yard work. Ignore the leaves, the grass and the snow during the week and attack them over the weekend. Dust of your lawn mower and off you go. Remember to put on enough sunscreen

What to do on weekends
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