What to do on weekends

What to do on weekends
What to do on weekends - Contd
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What to do on weekends
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Read books

Reading is a lot of people’s favorite activity. For some nothing is as relaxing as a good book for the weekend. Whether it is a physical book or you are reading from your kindle fire, iPad or other ereader, it is still a very enjoyable way to spend the weekend. You could also join a book club and discuss the books you read with like minded folks.


For some, shopping is demanding, while for a lot of women it is enjoyable and maybe therapeutic. Some guys cannot wrap their head around window shopping. They prefer to do their research online, maybe purchase the item online or walk into the store quickly, in and out.

Whether you are stocking up on grocery or for other items, the weekend provides you ample time to do that. The only downside is that a lot of people are doing the same and their might be some traffic.

Going to the Beach

In the summer and when the weather is nice, heading out to the beach is a good way to spend the weekend. Better still, grab your book or kindle and head out for a relaxing time at the beach. It is a win win situation. You get a tan, read your book and are refreshed all in one weekend.

Weekend job

The weekend could be your key to financial independence. You can get an extra job for the weekend and bring in some extra income. For students who are busy with school and need some income to supplement their allowances, getting a job for the weekend is a good way to spend those 2 days and earn some additional income without missing classes.

Those are some of the things you can do over the weekend. There are a lot more information on weekend activities on this site. Feel free to search around and find the information you seek