What to do when you are bored
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When people say that they bored, its sounds like they are saying they do not have any imagination. Anybody can create a fun time for themselves. Have you ever seen a child playing on his own with his toys? Their imaginations are on fire! They can play for hours with physical object and imaginary ones and have one heck of a good time.

For adults it could be a tough one. At the end of the day, you are responsible for your own entertainment. However, if you have a mental block trying to come up with a way to kill boredom, below are some ideas to get you thinking.

Go Online

This is the easiest and fastest way to kill boredom. Go online and browse around your favorite sights. Today, you do not need to run to your computer, simply use your smart phone or kindle fire to go online. Check your email; visit your face book wall and friends’ walls to see what is going on.

Read a book

A good way to get over a boring spell is to read a book. Books transport you from where you are to the scenes as described in the book. As you read try to imagine what the characters look like or what they would sound like if they suddenly appeared in person. You will be surprised how fast time flies.

Watch a movie

Watching movies is one of the best ways to fight boredom. There are many ways to get your movies today, Netflix, Amazon prime or you can still rent from your local library. If it’s a long weekend or an unanticipated down time, load up about 4 movies and watch them back to back. Time just flies, but be careful, you might get used to it.


Going to the gym to work out, stretching or going for a run is a good way to fight boredom. If you are trying to kill time, going for a run could easily remove an hour or more from the time you need to kill. Indoor exercise or indoor games like ping pong and table soccer are good ways to kill time.

Talk on the phone

When you are bored, grab your cell phone and go through your voice mails. Return calls to people that you owe calls or go through your address book and call friends you have not spoken with in a while. As you play catch up with them and find out what they are doing now. Time flies as you jist with your buddies catch up on old time.

Walk the dog

If you have a dog, working the dog when you are bored is a good way to get rid of boredom. You step outside get some fresh air, the dog gets some exercise and time goes by.

You can do quite a lot to entertain yourself. You have to take initiative and get off the couch and motivate yourself to take action. We hope some of topics above have sparked some ideas in you.
What to do when you are bored
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