How to choose an aerobar

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How to Choose an aerober
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There are many factors to be considered when choosing an aerobar. There are quite a lot of variety available in the market today and it is very easy to be confused unless you do your research well. The last thing you want is to choose the wrong aerobar for your bike.

Tips on how to choose the right aerobar


The first and most important thing to consider is the purpose for which you need an aerobar. If you are purchasing aerobars for racing, you will need to be very careful in choosing one. If you simply want to experience how it feels to ride a bicycle with an aerobar, then you need not worry a lot about the aerobar you get, however, for professional racing you must get the right one that meets your needs and that is very light in weight. The carbon aerobar or other very light and durable aero bars are ideal here

Length of race

The type of race matters when choosing your aerobar. For longer races, you can go in for more expensive aerobars like those manufactured by Vsion and Syntace. Vision aero bars and Syntace aero bars offer special aerobars designed for total convenience, comfort and durability.

Comfort factor

If you haven't used an aerobar before, then you might have a breaking in period. We all learn to ride our bike using the normal handle bar. The switch to aerobars needs getting used to. Like everything new, there is a learning curve and you’ll need to be patient. Hence, you will have to allow for a particular level of discomfort in the initial period.


These are aerobars that go on and off easily; clip-on aero bars. With a clip on aerobar structural modifications to the bike need not be made again and again. You can simply remove the clip-on aerobar if you do not find it comfortable or adjust accordingly.

Multiple users

Multiple users prefer those aerobars that can be adjusted. This will help you modify the bar and also your stance depending on how tired you get when riding. Adjustable aerobars will also enable different riders to use the same bike. This makes it perfect if you have many family members who share the same bicycle. You can adjust the bars vertically and raise its height to adjust the level to which you have to crouch when riding the bike.  


You could opt in for aerobars that enable you to control the bike, brakes and change gears without taking your hands of the aerobar. This depends on your comfort and safety levels. Braking suddenly at high speed when you are crouching may lead to you toppling over. Practice with the aero bar and learn how to use it safely.


This factor cannot be totally ignored. Do not make the mistake of presuming that an expensive aerobar set is a high quality one. The brand and the goodwill of the manufacturers matters a lot. Do not blindly opt for expensive aerobars.


As mentioned above the weight of the aerobar is very important if you are into competitive racing. The invention of carbon based aerobars have provided a solution to weight problems from earlier aerobars. These bars are very sturdy and very light. If you plan to use aerobars for racing, go qith very light ones.
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How to choose an aerobar