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Profile Design Aerobars 
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There are different types of aerobars available in the market manufactured by different reputed brands. You have aerobars manufactured by Easton, Profile-Design, Blackwell Research, Syntace, Vision Tech, Oval Concepts, HED, Zipp etc.

Below are some types of aerobars that you can choose from:

Straight bar
There are no bends in this aerobar. It is just a straight piece of metal or fiber which is attached to the handlebar and which projects over the front wheel. Some people find this very comfortable while others find it very difficult to use. Total absence of bends makes it very easy to rest your elbows on the bar. However, gripping the bar with your wrist may prove to be a bit more difficult. If your wrists ache when you use the aerobars, then you should avoid this bar. 

This bar has a slight bend in it that is designed to make it easier to grip. However, the bend is very slight and you will hardly feel the difference. This bar is perfect for those who love using the straight bar but for the fact that your wrists need a little more support than what the straight bar provides. T2+ Cobra has a slight S shaped bump. When you ride the bike using this aerobar, you will hardly feel the difference except for the fact that you can grip the farthest end of the aerobar in more than one ways.

The third type of aero bar has a more pronounced bump in it. This bar resembles the end of a professional ski pole. This will put unnecessary pressure on your wrist if you are a person who is very comfortable using the straight bar.

Adjustable bars
Some bars are nothing but pieces of metal or fiber that shall be fixed to the cycle’s handlebar. However, these are not very popular. Instead, you can go in for adjustable bars which can be adjusted as and when the situation demands. This is perfect for racing and for biking over long distances where you cannot afford to adjust with uncomfortable postures. Good quality aerobars like Profile Design Carbon Stryke can be adjusted not just vertically or horizontally but even by rotating it to suit your requirements right. What is the point of sinking money into an expensive bar if you have to end up riding in discomfort? These bars are often light in weight. This is a big thing as unnecessary weight will only increase the effort required to propel the bicycle over long distances. Taking part in races that require climbing over hills and like topography can become very difficult if you have unnecessary weight on your bike.

Clip On Bike Aero bars
These bars are single piece aerobars that can be clipped on to the handle of the bike without any difficulty. There is no compromise in terms of quality and this aerobar can be removed and replaced with any other version or model. This is the standard type that is in use today amongst those who use aerobars despite not participating in races.
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