Best solar panels - plus Solar generator
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Best solar panels
With the surprise storms that happen so frequently resulting in downed wires and power shortages, now is a good time 
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Gives you the juice you need when and where you need it. You can read more reviews about this product by clicking on Solar generator utilizing the best solar panels in the market.
to look into finding the best solar panels to deliver power during power outages.
With the rise in carbon monoxide poisoning, which could be fatal, generating power using clean energy as  backup power for the home, has become a necessity. That brings us to the Solar Generator from Solutions From Science. They have one of the best solar panels in the market today to deliver backup power during outages and in some cases permanent power when on a camping trip. It is a plug and play arrangement and you do not need an engineering degree to run this solar generator. Below are reviews from people that actually use this product
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Unlike gas generators, the Solar Generator runs quietly and emits no fumes while producing electricity directly from the sun, providing portable household power wherever it is needed. Product Features 1800 watt inverter with five 120 volt outlets / Digital LED display indicates battery capacity status / High efficiency 90 watt solar panel for fast system recharge / Solar panel cart features wheels for easy placement / Solar panel cart includes summer/winter sun angle settings / Charge from solar panel or AC outlet Product Applications Home Backup Power will operate refrigerators, freezers, sump pumps, fish tanks, home alarm systems, and garage door openers. Emergency Power runs essential electronics including TVs, radios, fans, mobile and cordless phones Remote Power is perfect for construction sites, camping, boating and outdoor events

Works well for me.

I have had this product for almost 6 months now and use it daily. It takes about 8 hours to fully charge in good sunlight and about 12 hours in poor sunlight. It has proved extremely useful to use. Good Luck.

Solar generator
By Karen Fronterhouse "kkfdjf"

I bought this generator about 4 months ago. It was packaged well, took a little while to get here but was within reason. The responses to my e-mails were good. I do not know how to build a system myself so this was my best bet for the money at the time. Since I bought it, I have discovered that Home Depot now sells one for $400.00 less that you can add units on too as needed. This one you cannot add more power packs to it, according to the instructions. I followed the instructions and plugged it in to the wall for 3 days ( it was fully charged in less than one day)than ran it dry using a small fan and a table lamp with a 12 watt flourescent bulb in it. I ran the fan for two nights constant and the light just at night for about 4 hours each night. Just those two things ran it dry on power and it had to be recharged. When you plug it in the wall to charge it takes about 6 to 8 hours to fully charge. I did this 3 times like the instructions said, to condition the battery. I have not yet plugged it in to charge using the solar panel. I plan on using other items and marking down the drain time on them so I know what I can run and for how long should the need arise. We just had storms last week and were without power for almost five hours. We had a lamp and a fan going and felt rich. All our neighbors had were candles and flashlights. HMMMMM. So far so good. I like it. PS, I plugged a big box fan in to it on low speed and the fan started making noise. Went back to my 8" fan and all was fine. Even ran it on high speed.

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Best solar panels