Best water heater
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Best water heater
When it comes to replacing your water heater or buying a brand new one for your home, nothing beats
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You can read more reviews about this awesome heater by clicking on Best water heaters and get more information about this product.
the Rheem Fury Gas series. It is a 50 gallon natural gas water heater that has totally unbelievable features. It is self cleaning, no filters to clean and is high altitude compliant. From reviews we have seen so far most do not need any maintenance, but when they do, all you need are standard replacement parts. It comes with a 6 year tank and parts warranty from Rheem and that is as solid as it gets.

Below are some reviews from people that actually own and use this water heater daily
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Very good product from a reliable vendor
By J. Capdevila

This new unit is replacing the almost same model from Rheem that lasted 18 years without any maintenance so I expect the same durability from this water heater.

Buy Plumbing shipped the product very quickly and got home well packed and in perfect conditions. The installation was easy (you have to have some tools and basic knowledge of what you are doing),just check (and follow!) the installation instructions and your local regulations.

Great deal
By Justin Varnadoe
I did a lot of research trying to find the best water heater for the lowest price and this unit is what I ended up getting. It was shipped very quickly and was in perfect condition. I installed it myself with no problems. I've had it for a few months and is working great.

Rheem Water Heater
By Paul
Great Item, Arrived sound and safe. This 50 gallon water heater was heaver than my old 40 gallon. Was not much taller if any, but was bigger around which did not cause any problems. You will need to get a new gas connector because this one will not have one on. mine was 1/2" Pipe female to 7/8" male coupler. You may have a different size due to your setup. This unit replaced my old Rheem which lasted over 13 years, it had a slow sweat leak on top where the water fittings were. So I had time to order this new one from Amazon at a great price. I would order another one if ever needed, but this one should last just as long or longer than my old one. It has been working fine since installed for over a month now with no problems.
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Best water heater