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Wedding dress - contd
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Wedding Dress - contd
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Aim high

No matter what your budget is always aim high when choosing a wedding dress. A wedding is seen as a once in a lifetime event and every bride wants to wear the best dress money can buy for her special day. But sometimes your pocket is not deep enough for the dress you want.

In such a situation be courageous. Don’t lose hope, raise some extra cash on eBay selling stuff you do not need.  Shop earlier than most brides normally would so you’ll have a better choice of gowns to choose from. Pay with your credit card so that you can have a better avenue of getting recourse if there are any issues with the gown.

Shop online

This is the age of the internet and from the comfort of your home you can peruse hundreds of wedding gowns without venturing out yet. This helps you zero in on what’s out there and saves you time when you actually venture out to see, feel and try the ones you like. As a word of caution never pay for a wedding gown by check or cash.

Bridal gown businesses have a magical way of disappearing overnight. No matter what the wedding gown proprietor tells you, never make a purchase as large as a wedding dress without the chargeback protection of a credit card. If they can’t take plastic you do not want to buy from them.

Don’t hold out forever

If you have not yet found the right wedding gown, but have found a few contenders. If you are this bride, what you should do is concentrate on other aspects of the wedding such as the theme, the venue, the food or the guest list. Swing by to the dress later.

You will be surprised; one of the contenders will now move up to good enough and you should just settle for that. Trust me you will still be the most beautiful bride ever and your soon to be husband will attest to that.