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Wedding Dress
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Wedding Dress
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A lot of girls start day dream about their wedding dress from a very young age. For most brides to be, the perfect wedding dress is a white satin gown, with a bustle and sweeping train, the perfect embellishments and perfect matching shoes to go. It’s no secret that with many brides their wedding plans start with the wedding dress.

Finding the right wedding dress is not an easy task, but I guess that many of the brides are lucky. They search high and low to find the right dress. They endure other feisty brides to be in shops early as they circle on a wedding gown.

They brave chilly early mornings and pushy bridal shop keepers all in a bid to find the right one. And once they find it they know. They start to cry. Their mother or friends that are there with them will all start crying too. All of a sudden everything falls into place. The colors for the bridal train and grooms men outfits, the venue and the theme for the wedding. Every thing suddenly springs to life with the location and securing of the wedding dress.

Well, some other brides are not as lucky. They have searched just as hard, working their way through shops across three or four states and yet haven’t found the one. Instead they have found three runner ups, all of which could make it to the final round, that is the wedding day. These brides then have to search wider in an attempt to find “The Wedding Dress.”

To assist you in limiting the time you spend in finding the right wedding dress, and to find it at an affordable price and have people tell you their opinion on the spot, we have put together some tips that will help you find the right wedding dress.

Don’t buy too early

Do not buy your wedding dress too early unless you really have to. If your chosen style is about to be discontinued, by all means buy on time, otherwise it is an excellent idea to sit on the decision to buy the one you think is right, right away. Once you pick a gown, you will see a million others similar to it. Guess what, you have suddenly become a walking encyclopedia on that design of wedding down and the very small differences in the design might make you want to take back the one you have already purchased. Remember that it takes about three to seven months for your dress to come from the manufacturer so please do give yourself enough time to place the order.

Bring the entourage

As you go wedding gown hunting bring with you anybody that is excited as you are and will make a constructive advice in helping you zero in on the right dress. This should include friends, sisters, mum, aunts etc. But the catch here is do not buy yet.  They will provide a buffer zone between you and maybe an over bearing sales person so that you are not railroaded into buying something that is not right for you. Moreover, its fun to see if your ideas and taste are shared by your loved ones, and they will feel greatly appreciated by your sincere request for their opinion.

Stop Shopping

As soon as you have zeroed in on the right wedding dress, stop shopping. Any more window shopping at this point will lead you down the part to the land of Two dress brides. Anytime you have the urge to go to the mall and check out wedding dresses, just pause for a moment and remember the blissful feeling of having tried on the one you settled for. Go get it out of the closet and try it on in front of the mirror. You will immediately remember why it is the one and save yourself a trip to the mall.

Get reassurance

If you have already bought the right wedding dress and still cannot stop looking, get a second opinion. Show you first and second choices to your friends, especially does that have gone through the process of hunting for a wedding gown before. They will tell you the truth, and in most cases your first choice is always the best.

Also remember a wedding gown does worse than a car in terms of value. Once you drive a new car off the dealership, the value goes down. Once you buy a wedding dress the value jumps off a cliff. When you return it you will only get a small fraction of your money back.
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