Where can I buy a Car
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Where can I buy a Car
When it gets to buying a car it looks easy from the outside, simply go to a car shop and pick up the car you want.
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There you have it. It always pays to do your research and know a lot about what you are looking for in a car before you actually step into the car dealership. You do not want to be sold more car that you actually need or can afford. Click on where can I buy a car to begin your search.
Well, not always so easy. You will have to decide whether it is a used car or brand new car you are interested in.  You then look at what you will use the car for and whether it can get the job done. Then you look at the gas consumption and then your credit to determine what it will actually cost you.

Below is an article from Ezine articles that will shed more light on the the best place to buy cars and how you should go about it.
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Where to Buy A Car For The Right Price
By William Messruther

Always remember who is in charge

If you decide to buy your car in a dealership, ensure that you remain focused and ensure that you dictate what the dealer shows you and do not let them sell you what they want to sell you. For example in a dealership they may have a car that they are trying to sell more of or generally get rid of, they will try to push this car on you, this is where you need to remain strong and focused tell him what you are here for. Don't be afraid to take control, if you do not understand something that the dealer is telling you then make them explain until you do. Always remember if you do not like the way you are being treated or what you are hearing you can always walk away.

Always treat buying a car as a business transaction

Do not get emotionally involved when purchasing a car; always stick to your budget. Remain logical and conscientious at all times, if you feel yourself getting flustered always remember to step back and weigh up your decision.

Know where you can lose money

When purchasing a car there are three main areas in the transaction that if you are not aware of you can and will lose a lot of money.

1. Settling on a price- It is very important that you are comfortable with the price you are paying for your vehicle, do your research before you make any rash decisions, we will show you just how to understand the value of a vehicle.
2. Settling on Finance- In the members section we show you how to find the best finance deals, make sure that you get the best deal possible, many buyers are ill-informed and lose a lot of money.
3. Negotiating Trade Ins- A lot of buyers go into a trade dealer without being aware of the actual value of their own car before shaking hands. Did you know that if you do the correct research you can save hundreds and in some cases thousands of pounds.
Further on in this guide we will show you just how to deal with these areas, we will provide you with the knowledge and put you in a strong position whether or not you are buying trade or private.

Where to buy a car

When looking for your car, where you search for it will almost definitely effect the price of the car and the level of service you get. Here are the different places that you can look when finding a car, and the advantages/disadvantages of each.

Dealer forecourt

It is widely known that getting your car from a dealer is generally the most expensive place to look for your new vehicle. But you also should receive the best service.


Using a broker, you can find yourself a good deal on your new car. If you decide to use a broker unfortunately you will most likely have to travel a long way to pick up your car.

Internet Companies

Using an internet company is a good way to find a good car for a decent price, they generally have good search engines helping you to find exactly what you want. Unfortunately just because they are selling a car doesn't mean that they can supply it to you quickly. You can find many used cars from internet companies also.
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Where can I buy a Car
where can I buy a car