Best pc laptop
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Best pc laptop
Well as you have already noticed, the best pc laptop is a Mac. It’s not an error, it’s based on popularity. Read on. 
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There you have it. There are more reviews and more elaborate description of the MacBook Air's operating system, the Lion, click here for more reviews and information
The technology behind the new MacBook  Air is incredible.  It comes standard with  flash storage so it wakes up instantly, boots up in seconds and quickly launches apps. The battery comes supercharged, offers a 30 day standby time and up to 7 hours battery life.

What does it have under the hood? A 13.3-inch high-resolution display, 1.7 GHz Intel Core i5 dual-core processor, 128 GB of flash memory storage, 4 GB of RAM, an Intel HD Graphics 3000 integrated graphics processor, and an SD card slot . It also comes with the iLife software suite, which includes the latest versions of iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand.
But, what are people that actually own the product say about it?
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I love this computer
By Thomas J. Schmidt III

After 20 years of owning and working with only PC computers I finally (after loving the iPhone) broke down and bought an apple and I am never turning back. What a great mesh of form and function. I highly recommend this compact and powerful computer.

Love it
By  H. Rogers

I buy a ton of stuff on Amazon and almost never leave reviews, but I have to stop for a moment to say that I absolutely love this laptop. It's super fast for day-to-day work (starting programs, browsing the web, running a bunch of stuff at once). I cannot yet testify as to heavy-duty Photoshop, Logic, etc. type of work. The Lion gestures are very slick. I have had no problems whatsoever with Wifi consistency, Bluetooth connections to Apple trackpad and keyboard, connecting to external monitors either with HDMI or DVI adapters, powering portable external hard drives with only the USB port, using the usb ethernet adapter, etc.

In short, I have been using it on a daily basis since it first hit the market, and I think Apple crushed it with this laptop. I love it.

Yes it is as wonderful as it looks
By A. Altman "Art"

I am used to Thinkpad X200 and MacBook Pro 15". This seems to combine the best of both worlds and then some, by being so thin and light. The I5 is plenty fast and also gives around 25 minutes more battery life according to reports online (google it). This is the rare time where I did NOT order the fastest cpu. I learned my lesson when I swapped the 200 gig drive 5400rpm out of my MacBook Pro for a 750 gig 7200 rpm and ended up with a lot less battery life and incredible amounts of heat..... Faster is not always better!).

I am a little worried that I may end up needing to use MS Windows a lot, in which case a new Thinkpad X220 might have been a better choice. Otherwise, this lightweight slim, elegant laptop computer is a jewel, a miracle, and do not hesitate to get one. Especially on Amazon where you get a nice discount, free shipping with Prime, and depending on your state, pay no sales tax.

Remember also that Macs seem to have extraordinary resale value. Your actual cost is not the out of pocket expense, it is the depreciation hit you take when you sell it in three years (IF you sell it, ever :-)

Oh yes, as to 11" versus 13". Well I spent quite a bit of time in the Apple Store trying to get used to the 11" screen, but every time I went back to the 13" screen, I felt a big sigh of relief. So the bottom line here is simple: if you will use the machine mostly with a monitor and use the built-in screen occasionally, get the 11". If you plan to spend hours at at time using the built in screen, you will probably be a lot happier with the 13" model, and do not look back. HOWEVER, this is totally subjective, totally personal taste, and if you can enjoy using the 11" screen for hours at a time, good for you!
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Best pc laptop