Where can I buy 3D Glasses
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Where can I buy 3d glasses
Today, 3D is all the craze and the best way to watch a 3 D movie is with well, 3D glasses. So where can you get one? 
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These Samsung 3D glasses are the ideal tool to enjoy your 3D movie. To learn more about this product and where to buy one, click on 3D glasses
There are many different types in the market, and from research we have identified Samsung’s new 3D Active Glasses, the gateway to Samsung 3 D entertainment, as one of the best 3D glasses.
Once you have the glasses on, the movie simply becomes alive. The images are shown to each eye separately. That is the technology behind the glasses first blocks the left lens and then the right lens, and this staggered effect which occurs faster than the blink of an eye achieves a life like 3D image. What are owners of this technology saying about them? Below you will find reviews from consumers that have used 3D glasses:-
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Great Glasses
By Sean "Sean"

These glasses work great for me. I use them with the Samsung PN59D6500 3D plasma and the picture quality is breathtaking. I had gotten two pairs of these with the Shrek/Megamind starter package, bought another pair from BB for $150, and just picked up two more pairs for just under $50 each on Amazon. I liked them at $150, but loooove them at less than $50.

I actually prefer that these are not rechargeable, because for a family it's a pain in the butt to rotate 4 or 5 pairs through charging, figure out which ones need charging, etc. Its a whole lot easier just to keep some spare batteries around (these use Bluetooth, and get great battery life). I have used two pairs of these glasses for over 48 hours worth of 3D viewing and the batteries are still running strong.

Love it
By Eulises
This 3D glasses work great with my TV. Best of all, they fit over my prescription glasses. That's all I have to say for this review, since other reviews here cover the product pretty well.

Great 3D glasses for the price
By guidry23

Great 3D glasses and for only 29$ you cant beat the price either. These glasses cannot be recharged. They are powered by a cell battery, which is good because you can just swap the battery out if it gets low. If you are watching a movie with the more expensive glasses and the battery power runs out, you have to wait to finish it after the glasses are charged. Stick with the Cell battery powered glasses. They also sync up great with the TV, if the TV is in 3D once you press the power button they start working.
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where can I buy 3D glasses
Where can I buy 3d glasses